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After the obvious Wonder Woman film I would love a Katar and Shiera film which tried to do some sort of Cloud Atlus like story where it touches upon all of there reincarnations, but of course that is probably far to ambitious.

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What would your opinion be on a Justice League of Britain, who would you have as the cast and what tone would you want. Personally I think that it is so much more of a no brain-er then the Justice League of Canada as there are both more readers in Britain and more British characters. I would put Knight (the new one of course), Godiva (JLI vet), Etrigan, a new character and possibly Tony's London crew (Wally West and Donah Troy, etc), with Constantine being a part of there Origin although he would of course betray then some time in this process. I would like it to be written by Dan Jurgens (possible with a British Co-writer) as he would let it be a light hearted series with room for a sense of adventure, even the initials JLB could be used as a joke about Britians secondary position to the States in many cases.

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You probs wont want to listen to me, but I had the same experience with arrow, left it after 8 episodes because I got sick of workout scenes and general family drama aspects, not to mention a questionable characterization of Ollie, with the only glimmer of hope being able to see interesting takes on the characters I know. Anyways since its on netflix I gave it a second try becasue all my friends are watching it and after about the 12th episode it actually really picked up, it eased off the abs montages, produced more interesting villains and most importantly the parts on the island actually became more interesting. While there are certainly still problems with the show I am willing to forgive them more and it is really pulling together as a show.

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I would have to go with Cap, I don't really overly care for his Comics past the Brubaker run and yet they are the movies (outside of the avengers itself) I find myself most excited to continue watching.

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Agreed after hearing the episode of "Fatman on Batman" with him on it you just realize how much passion for DC he has, that said it isnt easy always staying positve about DC when someone you like gets dropped or jumps ship

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Irredeemable and Jersey Shore

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@the_stegman: yeah i know if it was very well delivered and actually would have been really impressive if there was even a moderate chance that it could last

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I was wondering what happened to the all star line, clearly it isnt being published anymore, but what manner did it go out in, did they officially cancel the line or anything and is there any hopes they would bring it back. I feel that it would be particularly relevant now since the new 52, and the earth one books are not the same. if they brought it back who would you want to see. I would personally love to see green arrow as i miss the old leftie as he was written in the old days, perhaps an all star green lantern/ green arrow. All star wonder woman would be the obvious choice but im not sure how they would tackle the bondage parts.

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@nightwingnerd: but they dont count threshold, demon knights, dail H and legion as gone yet, cause they got something like four issues left, but they are cancelled

@hellstrom0204: yeah i know if they did it all at once it would have been over half the line, if you look at the young justice line it went done from like 6 at the start to just one, they might give it another book as a replacement though, or just basically relaunch legion as justice legion or something

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im really loving Black Mask Studios as a publisher, this and 12 ways to die have been superb, and i cant wait for liberator

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