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I would assume it was a mistake.

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Justice League Dark. Her storyline and origin is too dark and supernatural to not be a good fit for this title.

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I'm glad. Lifeguard always had potential but she was relegated to Z-List unceremoniously. I've heard a lot of people wonder where Thunderbird is but I'm glad she's alone. It'll be interesting to see how she reacts to the last year or so of tragedies and see who she has become. Thunderbird's involvement would only remind people who she was, not who she can be - which is awesome. I think they're the training team because that was the role Dazzler was offered. I expect Boom Boom (why couldn't they stick with Meltdown) and Lifeguard are her junior instructors. Also, if Boom Boom is still on Utopia then most of the characters from the original New Mutants series are happier ad soldiers. Kinda funny. Plus, we found Dust. GMM

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I don't like Paige's current outfit. My favourite was Austen-era, but I also liked the simple uniform from Necrosha. I think I'll have to get used to this bright yellow thing - still, it's better that she's used than not used! I'm just excited that she's finally back in a book!

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I'm going to put this out there. I don't think she's a villain. I also think I've already guessed her alter ego. White Rabbit, seemed to be more of a hindrance which means Batman dismissed her. He wasn't concerned that she was "escaping" so .. maybe she wasn't escaping. Maybe she wasn't meant to be there? Since Batman is no longer going to largely feature in Catwoman's life, I think White Rabbit is his new amoral love interest. Everything about this character screams selfish and confidence, which was Catwoman's MO in the beginning.

Her costume may seem a little overtly sexual but I don't mind it. I also don't mind that she's Lewis Carroll inspired. If I'm right in who she is normally, Batman's going to be quite interesting.

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@SexualLobster:  It's Magik with the Soulsword.
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@pixelized: Maybe so. However, there was outrage when the casting sides for a Runaway movie said that the casting directors would accept an actress of any ethnic origin for the role. Understandably so, but this works both ways. I said that I would never stand for a white Storm,  and maybe she's too iconic. But I wouldn't want to see any character changed just so that they could be a token in the movie, or in the series. It shouldn't happen because Marvel needs diversity. It should be a natural progression of the story. Miles should have been integrated into the series before now, to make him a worthy character to become Spider-Man. He comes of as token at the minute. Perry has been in every incarnation of Superman's mythos, I think that stands on its own. He may not always be on the frontline but he is one of the most prominant supporting cast members for Superman. However, you have your opinion and I have mine. I just wanted to clarify my point - don't think I did that well last night.
@Osiris1428:  You can't say that because she's a minority she can't be changed. Making Cyclops or Jean Grey African-American to further diversify Marvel is more counterproductive than it is productive, and both are more integral to the mythos of X-Men than Storm is. I downright disagree with the double standard. If Caucasian characters can be sacrificed for the sake of diversity, the rest are fair game too. I'm not bothered by the switch of Perry, or the legacy of Spider-Man being continued on by a Hispanic. I simply disagree with diversity for the sake of diversity. I would never expect an African or Asian character to become caucasian, and I don't expect Caucasian characters to become African or Asian. This isn't only about race. I was pissed off that Black Widow lost her Russian character traits in Iron Man 2. Changes have to be made for the movies, but some changes are a step to far. Perry isn't as bad as say Superman suddenly being changed. And thankfully, Miles is a new character rather than a redesigned Peter Parker. Still though, there are less African-American's in American than Caucasian American's and that's a fact. It's unrealistic to try and suddenly get some diversity because there is none. I work in a store and we have different nationalities but everyone is the same race, because that's just how the lottery of jobs has happened. That's life. Not everything is ethnically diverse.
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Yeah, but what if a caucasian actress walked in and she gave the best audition for a character like Storm? There would be uproar. Same as if a Caucasian actress was cast for being the best Nico Minoru to audition when the character is clearly of Asian descent. It can't only be an issue when an African or Asian character is replaced with a Caucasian one, the same also works in reverse. I would never pay to see a movie where Storm is suddenly portrayed by a Caucasian actress, no matter how talented she was. I think casting directors should focus on the aesthetic of the character and choose the most talented from that category.  So yes, there is an issue in Fishburne being cast as Perry White. Some people seem to live by double standards.
 I don't think there was any need to replace Ultimate Spider-Man other than the decision to become more diverse, which makes the character seem like the token ethnic to me. How is he meant to integrate with Peter's supporting cast so soon after they've lost Peter? It's not Spider-Man anymore, it's just someone wearing the suit. Had they made Miles a friend, fellow student, or sidekick in the past then it could have worked better. However, at this point they should have just made it Kitty Pryde or Jessica Drew, both of whom where sidekicks.

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It wouldn't be the same as a Young X-Men squad, though. None of the Brotherhood members are particarly responsible when it comes to any other than their own needs, I really can't see any of them stepping back from their own personal goals to train a bunch of students. If a Young Brotherhood were to occur, it would have to be self-organised by the new mutants involved in the team.

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Sorry for putting it in the wrong section! He comes close but I think this character is more obscure. It may to vague to ever find him again. I had liked his setup and was interested in using him in a fanfiction but I think it may be a lost cause.
Thanks anyway!

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