What happened to almost every small time sidekick/hero in YJ?

Young justice was a great way to bring in new or underrated teen heroes and since there has been many members that either left or got killed but as far as i know most of the other non headlineing heroes have since vanished and probabily sent to comic limbo and its a shame since most of them aren't very developed and you could really do alot with them. I'd like to see atleast some of them make a casual appearence to show that their still alive.


Who would you like to see make a comeback?


If your not sure who they are you can check the young justice profile page or check out the tags of this blog.(plus tell me any that i might have missed)

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Posted by harleyquinn12

Really would like to see Arrowette again.

Posted by Kiddevil
shes retired thoe :(
Posted by Video_Martian

The REAL question is: Whatever happened to the Young Justice show?!?!?  I mean, they didn't even show it today on Cartoon Network!!!  *O*

Posted by harleyquinn12
She did show up in that Wonder Girl mini a while ago. Seems dc just forgot about her. :(
Posted by Nic_tarik
@mr.obvious: it'll be back new week. Season 1 will have 26 episodes. A spin off 10-episode miniseries "Young Justice:Invasion" is in the works and a 26 episode Season 2 is scheduled as well.
Posted by Kiddevil
wasnt that just to save cassies mom or sumthing?
Posted by Video_Martian

Oh okay, thanks dude, thats REALLY good to know =P

i actually thought that one of my new favorite shows was on a long hiatus or something...

Posted by Primmaster64
@Nic_tarik: good to know. thanks
Posted by Nic_tarik
@mr.obvious:  Correction first Friday in June
Posted by Video_Martian
@Nic_tarik: once again, thanks ;D
Posted by KidSupreme

It be really awesome to seeCaptain Marvel Jr.in the show. Simply to watch him and Superboy butt head from time to time since they are pretty evenly matched considering Superboy like Superman is weakened by magic.. In the teen titains series superboy doeesn't like Captain Marvel Jr.he find him to retro and into the Rock-a-billy music scene.
I'd also want to see Kid Devil in the show.

Posted by BlackArmor

I miss secret
Posted by cowtron_2000

I liked The Supermen Of America characters (White Lotus, Outburst, Loser, Brahma) but I thnk the last time they were shown was in the lead up to Infinite Crisis, with the team being attacked by OMAC's and a caption saying that most of them were dead? But White Lotus was the only one still standing I think. And I think maybe Loser? If anyone could survive it would be him I think. Would love for DC to follow up on these guys.  
I love Flamebird! She could easily have filled the role of Stephanie Brown in Batgirl I think. But I think she will be in the new Batwoman series, which I think would be great. Hopefully they will have her learning under Batwoman and not kill her off. Empress should be back an kicked butt as well. She has such a cool look, I don't understand why she isn't used more.
I'd like to see Lagoon Boy and Little Barda come out of the comas they were put in and do something. I actually would like to learn more about the Titans that joined between Infinite Crisis and One Year Later as well. Instead of making new characters all the time, the comic companys could use these rarely used charcters instead? Doubtful but I can hope!
Posted by soccersss

I miss Secret, Slobo, and Empress. Those 3 needs to make a quick and permanent comeback to the new 52

Posted by CrimsonCake

I would really like to see The Ray again along with anima.

Posted by Jnr6Lil

@harleyquinn12 said:

Really would like to see Arrowette again.

They got Artemis.