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My Favourite Movie! 0

This movie in my opinion is the greatest movie ever made.  The Good: .The storyline: it had a very original story line. .The action: the action is better in this movie than in 99% of movies we have today.  .The Terminator itself: When I first saw this movie I was 9 years old and I thought the Terminator was the scariest thing ever! It was unstoppable and when it's skin was removed, just the way it moved and sounded was enough to make me $#!* my pants!  The Bad: .The acting: it wasn't bad or anyt...

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In A Class Of It's Own... 0

Now before I get started I have to say, that this movies is the greatest Sci-fi\Horror movie ever made!  The Good: -The Acting was great Sigorney Weaver's performece was increadible -The Scares: The scene where one of the crew is crawling in the air vents and gets ambushed going down the ladder was for me, the scareist movies scene ever! -The Plot twists were great too!   The Bad:  - The Effects are out of date (but considering it's time they were it was pretty good)...

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