The Red Hood vs Predator


Fight takes place: The Crucifixion Area

Jason Todd - Standard costume (no countermeasures) and custom knife

Predator - Wrist-blades (no armor, no mask, nothing else)


Fight takes place: Crime Alley

Jason Todd - Standard Gear (pitols, knives, batarangs, smoke pellets)

Predator - Armor, Mask, wrist-blades, Throwing Disk, spear, net launcher (no cloak and no plasma canon)


- The Predator is of Veteran class (Wolf level) Jungle Hunter

- Jason Todd is the new 52 version

- Morals on

- Win via KO or Kill

- Combatants start 20 feet apart, both rounds


Daredevil vs Bushman

Backround: Bushman is hired by Kingpin to kill Daredevil.  
Bushman: AK-47 (5 clips), Desert Eagle (2 clips), 2 flash bangs, Machete, switch blade 
Daredevil: 2 standard batons 
Fight takes place: A Nightclub (3 floors) with alot of people (none of which will try to get involved in the fight) 
Morals on 
Fight to the Death or KO 
Both start of 2nd floor


Predator vs Batman

1) Predator (Un-Blooded) vs Batman (Bruce) (standard gear) 
2) Predator (Blooded) vs Batman (Bruce) (standard gear) 
3) Predator (Veteran) vs Batman (Bruce) (standard gear) 
4)Predator (Veteran) vs Batman (Bruce) (has one of his robotic suits that increases his strength to 10 tons) 
5)Predator (Elder) vs Batman (Bruce) (standard gear) 
5)Predator (Elder) vs Batman (Bruce) (has one of his robotic suits that increases his strength to 10 tons)  
6)Super Black Predator vs Batman (Bruce) (standard gear) 
7)  Super Black Predator vs Batman (Bruce)  ( has one of his robotic suits that increases his strength to 10 tons)      

-All matches start in Crime Alley in Gotham City 
-Batman has been abserving the Predator\s for 20 minates 
-The Predator\s have standard hunting gear 
-Morals\Code of honor on 
-Fight until Death, KO or Surrender 
-These are comic Predators, so don't use the "Arnold", "Brody" and "Glover" excuses 
Also: How would Dick Grayson (as Batman) fair in these situations?


Catman vs The Punisher

Takes place: Hell's Kitchen (minimal population) 
 Catman has 25 Cat-a-rangs (does he call them that?), twin hunting knives, grapple, 3 spears, 3 smoke bombs
Punisher has m9 (4 clips), 2 Desert Eagles (2 clips), Combat knife, 10 explosive throwing stars (like Deadpool has) 
Morals on 
Fight until Death, KO or BFR.

Boba Fett Runs Guantlet

Round 1: 
 Takes place: Yavin 4
-2 Jedi Knights (all  use single blade)  
-Boba starts in view of Jedi 
-Jedi don't know Fett's there
Round 2:  
Takes place: A large pit
-A Rancor 
-Fett doesn't have jet pack 
Round 3:  
Takes place: Inside an abandoned Star Destroyer
- 1 Black Super Predator (standard Pred gear)
-Both start in view of each other 
Round 4: 
-50 Xenomorphs and 1 Queen  
-Takes place: The Death Star (abandoned) 
Round 5: 
- 3 Predators (Blooded)
-Predators start in view of Fett 
-Fett doesn't know Predators are there 
-Predators have standard Pred gear 
Takes pace: Hoth 
(Fett starts in Bunker)
Round 6: 
-General Grievous (Movie) (Four sabers) 
-The palace on Naboo  
-Both start in view of each other 
- Fett has standard gear (unless otherwise stated) 
-Fett is willing to kill everyone here 
-Fett has 2 days rest between each match 
-In each Match wins by Death or BFR (No KO)


U.S.Agent vs Moon Knight

Fight takes place: Large shopping mall (consists mostly of fast food places and clothing stores) 
Morals on 
Both fighting to win 
Fight until Death or KO 
Standard gear for both 
They start in the middle of the shopping center in view of one another

Beta Ray Bill & Thor vs War Machine & Iron-man

Fight takes place: New York 
Current versions of all 
Morals on 
Fight until Death or KO 
Teams start 100 metres away from each other 
New York is completely evacuated 
Both teams fighting to win 

Astonishing Thor #2



Invincible Iron Man #25

Iron Man 2.0


Hush (Tommy Jarvis) vs Hush (Dick Grayson)

 (Sorry about the tittle I meant to write "Tommy Elliot") 
Fight takes place: Abandoned hospital   
Morals off (what morals?) 
Fight to the death 
Tommy is armed with 2 revolvers (unlimated ammo,reloads needed) and a scalpal 
Dick is armed with 2 hunting knives

Deadshot vs Lady Shiva

Fight takes place: Ontop of Wayne Manor  

Batman Knightgallery

Morals off 
Fight ot the death 
Deadshot is armed with Wrist Guns (unlimated ammo) 
Shiva is unarmed