What do you guys think?

Were comics originally written for guys? Well, with the skimpy costumes that the women wear and the action scenes, some might say yes. I just think that, back in the day, they caught the attention of boys rather than girls. Times have apparently changed. I find that alot of women are getting into comics. Now, probably half of the people I see blogging and raving about comics are women. 
What do you guys think? Are there more male comicbook fans than female fans? Or are women just as fanatic as men?


Comic Clueless

This ever happen to you?

These are some of my experiences dealing with people who have, perhaps, never even laid their hands on a comic. 

One day, one of my friends looked at me very confused. Then, she asked "They still make comicbooks?" 

Another time, I was trying to explain the world of Batman to another of my friends, and, of course, I began with Batman's whole history--to when his parents got shot to when he returned from "the dead" recently. She interrupted me and asked a question that made me have to backtrack...well...alot. "How do you even read comics? Is it just one continuous story?" 
Isn't that annoying? If you are a HUGE comicbook fan like myself, then it can be very frustrating. I'm sure you guys have come into contact with people who are clueless about comicbooks or are even friends with people who aren't. Sometimes I wonder about the future of comics... 

Share your stories about the inexperienced here if you want. We can be frustrated together.