Superman Homages

A lot of characters are based on Superman:

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you can the Plutonian to your list
Posted by BattleHeiz

Invincible and homelander aren't supposed to be there

Posted by ComicMan24
@BattleHeiz: I could understand Invincible but why not Homelander?
Posted by BattleHeiz

1) not alien but rather an genetical experiment
2) Never was a good guy(tortured people while trying to save them)
3) Was afraid of explosion caused by plane 

Posted by ComicMan24
@BattleHeiz: I see what you are saying but there are a lot in this list that don't fit those criteria. Plus they don't have to be exact counterparts of Superman and he was created with the intent of being a Superman parody let's say in the Boys universe.
Posted by BattleHeiz

Superman parody is omni man

Posted by ComicMan24
@BattleHeiz: They were all created based on him, the similar costumes and powers. Others of course resemble him more than others but that is natural. Others are more serious than others.
Posted by BattleHeiz

Cause of his outfit??

Posted by ComicMan24
@BattleHeiz: True the one shown in the list doesn't look that similar but this one does.

Posted by BattleHeiz

No heat vision, ice breath, super intelect oh and dude is immortal that has no need in any energy
I WW2 hero and is human turned into freaking Zeus(at some point)

Posted by ComicMan24
@BattleHeiz: And Apollo doesn't have a lot of Superman's powers plus he was a normal before becoming like this and he is considered to be Superman's counterpart.
Posted by BattleHeiz

Cause of sun and he has heat vision too

Posted by ComicMan24
@BattleHeiz: Yeah but other than that how similar are they? Btw who is in your av?
Edited by BattleHeiz

Hunter Rose a.k.a. Grendel(first one)
Except for the fact that they live in one multiverse and already met each other?

Posted by ComicMan24
@BattleHeiz: And Allen Adam was considered the Superman of Earth-4 but they don't have any similarities. And thanks.
Posted by BattleHeiz

Those are the rules

Posted by ComicMan24
@BattleHeiz: What rules?
Posted by BattleHeiz

publishers word is rule

Posted by ComicMan24
@BattleHeiz: Maybe.
Posted by HellionVulcan

I think Gladiator is the best superman dupe & pays best homage .

Posted by Ms. Omega

What about Meteor Man of Hancock?

Posted by azza04

Hyperion FTW

Edited by Hawkeye446

No Supergirl?

Hah, no I understand* the list ^-^

Posted by ComicMan24

@Hawkeye446:Yeah, now that I think of it she is butch enough to be on the list XP

Posted by Hawkeye446

@ComicMan24: Hahhahahaahah!

Posted by ComicMan24

@Hawkeye446: -_^

Posted by Malhavok
Posted by Vincie_Pooh

Hyperion is your number one NICE

Posted by Bad_People

What of Captain Hero? (Marvel not Drawn Together(and Drawn Together))

Posted by ezio_auditore

sentry has different powers and he is not an alien, only his costume is similar.

Posted by Barkley

martian manhunter

Edited by 2099man

@battleheiz: Hate to tell you this, but you're being nitpicky. All of these characters are either inspired by or are parodies of superman. it doesn't matter what powers they have or their origins. they are all based off superman as a homage to the character or a parody. and it's as simple as that. ComicFan24 is right and you are wrong. They don't have to be exact counterparts of Superman, all that matters if that they were inspired by him and the simple fact is that all of these characters are inspired by Superman. You can say what ever you like. You can say that xy and z hero NEEDS a certain power or origin, but judging by those standards would leave this list near to empty.Invincible, Statesman, Homelander. ALL these characters belong here. If you don't like the list, simply make you're own and let the rest of us enjoy this one.

Posted by HolySerpent

Everyone with FISS

Posted by IamOptimusPrime

Add ultimo/ultimos from Ben 10 to your list. He is clearly based on Superman.

Posted by jollyadamroger

Silver Sentry from TMNT