Super Animals

Not only humans have the privilege to be heroes and villains:

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Posted by Decoy Elite

Thank you for putting Sturmer on this list. ^.^

Posted by ComicMan24
@Decoy Elite: No problem.

you forgot Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew stiil a cool list
Posted by ComicMan24
@KNIGHT SAVIOR: Thanks, I had completely forgotten about them.
Posted by arrowfan237

You forgot the Space Canine Patrol and Mighty Mouse. Also Atom Ant.
Posted by ComicMan24
@arrowfan237: Thanks. If you know any more, please tell me.
Posted by eldestrisk

You just made me think that Spider-Ham will make the Pet Avengers one of my favorite groups. =)

Posted by queenfrost_

where's harleys pets?

Posted by ComicMan24
@queenfrost_: What pets? Are you talking about the hyenas? I couldn't find them here.
Posted by Ultimate JSA

what about catwomans cat isis
Posted by ComicMan24
@Ultimate JSA: Thanks. I didn't know she had a page here. If you have any more suggestions,please tell me.
Edited by Ultimate JSA

how about ms. lion and zabu
Posted by Silkcuts
Posted by zj

He (?) has more appearance that Ace, and Topo doesn't rate enough to make this list?
Posted by ComicMan24
@zj: No, I just forgot about. But thanks for reminding me of him :)
Posted by EganTheVile1

Cy-Gor would be a good addition

Posted by ComicMan24

@EganTheVile1:Cool, thanks.

Posted by kalganov

What about Kragoff's Super Apes?

Posted by ComicMan24

@kalganov:Will be added later.

Posted by name_already_chosen

Cosmo rules!

Posted by Draven1986

Where is Howard the Duck?