Heroes of the World: DC Edition

Heroes of the World unite:

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Posted by Silkcuts

Pretty sure I didn't see John Constantine, whats up with that?
He saved the world many times before he became Vertigo exclusive.

Posted by ComicMan24
@Silkcuts: Added. Nice. I had forgotten about him.
Posted by miki

great list!

Posted by ComicMan24
@miki: Thank you ^_^
Posted by darkrider

Where did  Vixen     came from
Posted by ComicMan24
@darkrider: Unfortunately her page only mentions that she was born in Africa and it doesn't specify in which country.
Posted by crimsonfox69

For what I know that Extrano was from Peru

Posted by crimsonfox69

Dark Crow from Canada is missing :)

Posted by ComicMan24
@crimsonfox69: Ohhh thanks. I will add those two.
Posted by crimsonfox69

I forgot Sirocco from Iran :D

Posted by Thor_Ul
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I could be one of those people who complains about a country you missed but instead I will say, very cool list and very well made.

Although, I am somewhat surprised Captain Canuck isn't on there, maybe a new list could be made "List of Captains" all super heroes with the title Captain and different countries of origin