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It sure feels hot today. On another thought, this time I actually liked the way this vodka tasted. The first time I tried it, I hated it.

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So Unlimited Blade Works is getting an anime, Heaven's Feel is getting a movie series, the Fate/Apocrypha game is rebooted as Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Strange fake is getting a novel series and there is also Fate/ Apocrypha. Lots of Fate news.

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You are happy now. But if the previous movie is any indication, we would be lucky if the monsters appear for more than 15 minutes this time lol

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I'm glad I decided to finally finish some older anime like Slayers for example. Tbh I enjoyed watching that a lot more than I have several newer ones.

@sexy_merc said:

I was wondering what that was for a sec ...

Morpheus is still a mod, lol ... Guess it's been slow around here.

Man, it's been what now since the last time I saw Morph posting here? Two years? Too bad he left. He was fun to talk to.

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@god_spawn: lol The way they are moving would even put Spidey to shame.

Have actually heard pretty good things about this one but a synopsis I checked some time ago didn't really seem that interesting.

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Have to admit that the new dog is not bad. Still miss the old one, we had her for over 10 years after all but still it seems like a nice dog. At least it doesn't bark a lot.

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At least I can quote again apparently.

@comicman24: My point is it just looks odd with how the characters pop too much. And I agree with it being overrated. It's not an awful anime, but so far I'm kind of meh about it.

Yeah, especially in some close-ups it can be rather obvious. And yeah not awful, when it was good, it was rather good. Just not often enough. At least a second season isn't happening any time soon.

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The first time I watched it, can't say I liked it that much. But after getting to watch it a couple of times on TV, my opinion of it has improved a bit. While it is still not as good as the first three movies, it is a somewhat enjoyable movie. Sure it has its flaws but it is watchable.

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The backgrounds and stuff are done well. But the main characters are just so bolded they look like they were shopped in separately.

Still could be done better. Anyway, it is one of the most overrated anime I have seen in the past few years. Everybody acts like it is the best anime ever made.

Too hot to sleep ...

Better now? :P

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Well, AoT didn't really have any stellar animation to begin with. Sure it had its moments but otherwise it was meh.