My thoughts on Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a character, I admit, that I had almost no knowledge of her before I got into comics. But once I got to know her better, I found that it's an interesting character. She is very smart, capable leader, ambassador, one of the best fighters, powers rivaling those of Superman and founding member of the JLA (until the next retcon of course). She is the superhero that most female superheroes look up to. But the problem with her is that she hasn't shown her full potential yet. She is underestimated and some people think that she is not so good. And I can understand why. She doesn't have a lot of good stories and her rogues gallery isn't that impressive. But as I said earlier she has alot of potential if written correctly (for example Gail Simone). As for her costume, like Superman's, I don't like it a lot. It just doesn't seem that functionable to me.

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