Movies are getting worse

It's something I think a lot lately. Movies are just not as good as they used to be. Newer movies seem to lack the heart and soul that older movies had. I watch movies from the 80s and the 90s and they still had what made me like them. With more recent movies, it seems like they are being made only to be made. I don't think that any of this movies can become a classic or mark a generation. But that just my opinion. I know some people will disagree but that is what I think.
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Reading our minds

I was inspired to do this blog from a conversation I had with someone in this site last night. As some of you might know, scientists are trying to develope a device that would allow them to see what people are thinking. The results have been encouraging as the scientists were able to see what shapes people have been thinking. For some of you this might sound nice and cool but it worries me. A lot of people might like the idea of reading someone else's mind but I'm not so keen on this idea. I know that the applications of this device will be helpful to a lot of people with health problems or to stop dangerous individuals. But the mind is the last place that we can have real privacy nowdays, it's the last frontier. Everybody has the right to think whatever they want. What's next? Are they going to monitor our thoughts, with the excuse of trying to protect us? Are people going to be arrested because of a thought? I can't imagine what is next.

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