Wonder Woman's new costume

Recently Wonder Woman received a new costume. It's not bad. I actually find this more believable because fighting crime in bathing suit just feels weird. Although most likely the new costume is temporary. Some said that Wonder Woman with this costume loses her patriotism. I don't think so. I always thought of Wonder Woman as more of a  global character and she is not even American. Plus she is still wearing the same colours. So let's wait and see how this storyline unfolds.
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Vampire mania

I like vampire movies. For example the Underworld movies were very good. But it seems lately that vampires are everywhere. Movies, tv series, comics etc. That over-exposure is starting to get on my nerves. They must tone down their appearances because people will soon get bored of them. 

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Rain, rain, rain.

Two weeks ago we had a heatwave with the temperature ranging between 35-40 degrees Celsius. Now it's for the past weeks and it will be this way for the entire week. On the bright side, it's colder which it's much better.
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I'm not saying that immortality doesn't have any advantages, I mean it's cool to be young forever, not aging not afraid of death. But with immortality comes loneliness. Everybody you care for will still be getting older and eventually die. You are destined to be alone. If immortality could be shared, that's an entirely different thing.
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Horror movies

I don't know, but lately all the horror movies I have seen, haven't really scared me. I can say that I laugh some times. I mean all these cliches and the way characters behave are sometimes ludacris. They go into darks rooms without even a flashlight. Or when they are chased by an evil maniac, they go into basements or on the top floor. The writers sometimes don't think at all.
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Superheroes killing

It's something that all of people have thought. Should superheroes kill? I can't decide. For example I've heard the argument that if Batman had killed Joker a lot of people, propably thousands, would still be alive today. I can't say that this isn't true but where should they stop? That kind of power to the wrong hands can be more devastating than the worst villain. Another argument I would like to present here, is the world trully going to be a safer place to live if superheroes kill? Take for example the Authority. They have killed supervillains a lot of times in the past and they will propably do it again in the future. But their world isn't safer as someone ould think it would be because new supervillains keep appearing. And let's not forget the recent Armaggedon that turned the Wildstorm Universe into a post-apocalyptic world. But I can't decide. Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic and I have idealised heroes.

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First of all, let me start by saying that I understand people's right to strike. It's a constitutional right and I am OK with that. What I'm not OK with are those constant strikes that paralyze an entire country. No buses, no subway and basically all means of public transportation are not working. The only people happy with this are taxi drivers(no offence to taxi drivers). And not just them. Civil servants, reporters(not so sad about that) etc.. And the most humiliating of all these, port workers are not letting tourists get off from their cruise ships and on the same time they are complaining that we don't have a lot of tourists. I don't have a problem if it is only for a day or two but this is just getting ridiculous.

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Politicians. They are strange creatures, that's for sure. Right now in the news, they are showing a politician speaking to a conference his political party is hosting. I will say one thing only. Does he even in the things he says? Politicians mut be living in an alternative reality. I can't think of another explanation. They have the memory capability of a goldfish. They say something and after a while they don't remember it. They promise things but after the elections are over, nothing happens. No wonder why nobody likes them.
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A lot of heroes have sidekicks, Batman has Batgirl and Robin, Captain America had Bucky etc. A lot of these sidekicks were loved by the fans, had their own successful series, their own villains and supporting cast. But should they exist? Should heroes have kids and teenagers are sidekicks? Don't get me wrong, I like them. Some of them are my favorite characters. But isn't it dangerous, having a small kid fighting supervillains? Some sidekicks have even died in the line of duty like Bucky and Jason Todd. I know that Batman was very upset about his death and still haunts until today but he was the one exposed him to danger in the first place. Some might argue that the characters I mentioned were resurrected and others that what I'm saying are foolish. That's my opinion. What's your?    
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TV spin-offs and franchises

I'm sure some of you have watched shows like C.S.I and Law and Order. And I'm sure you have also watched some of their spin-offs like C.S.I.:Miami. I've watched them too and sometimes I think that they are just too many. I like them but they shouldn't spread them so much.

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