Does the life of a villain seem attractive to you?

In the comments of my previous blog, I noticed that a lot of people said that they would become supervillains or at least anti-heroes and mercenaries instead of a superhero. So I'm asking this: Is the life of a supervillain better that the life of a superhero? Do you people think that it has more advantages? What is your opinion?


Would you become a superhero?

Let's say that one morning you wake up and suddenly discover that you now have superpowers. Would you become a superhero? Don't answer lighthearted. Think, would you be able to handle fights with super-villains, limited free time, potential life-threatening injuries, problems with family and loved ones and problems with your job? Considering all these, would you?


Mentors vs. Sidekicks

It's a battle of mentors against their sidekicks. Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Barry Allen, Aquaman and Batman vs. Arsenal, Donna Troy, Wally West, Tempest and Dick Grayson.


Roy Harper still has his arm. Wonder Woman and Donna Troy have their lassos. A mentor can only fight with his/her respective sidekick. Which team wins?

My thoughts on the X-Men

X-Men. One of the most famous teams in comics. A group of outcasts brought together by Charles Xavier to create peace between humans and mutants. But was this goal achieved? No. Almost 50 years after their creation, they are still fighting against discrimination. Which I can't understand. Leaving in a universe where most superheroes are loved by people, why the same people hate the X-Men for having superpowers? If it was a self-contained comic book with no connection to the rest of the Marvel Universe, then I would understand it. It makes no sense to me. But I still like them. Maybe they need to be updated as a concept but I still enjoy them.

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Original movie scripts almost extinct?

As many of you might have noticed more and more movies are based on pre-existing material instead of original scripts. Books, comics, cartoons, tv series, even videogames are turned into movies.If you see some of the box office hits of the last decade, you will see that the majority of them are adaptations. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight, the Bond movies, The Dark Knight etc. Some of the few exceptions I could think of right now are Avatar and 2012. As it seems, nowdays most books are created with the potential to become movies. Is there no imagination left to the script makers? What do you think?

My thoughts on Aquaman

Aquaman is a character that I can't say is one of my favorites but he is not bad. His powers are good, superhuman physical attributes, underwater breathing, telepathing control over sea life (or undead sea life now). He is the king of Atlantis. But people don't give him enough credit mainly because of the Super Friends. That cartoon made a lot of people think that he is lame. That cartoon still haunts until this day. He was much better in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. They also say that his powers are lame. I don't think so. Falcon can birds but they don't call him lame. I hope now that he is featured in the Brightest Day, people will think better of him.
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My thoughts on Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a character, I admit, that I had almost no knowledge of her before I got into comics. But once I got to know her better, I found that it's an interesting character. She is very smart, capable leader, ambassador, one of the best fighters, powers rivaling those of Superman and founding member of the JLA (until the next retcon of course). She is the superhero that most female superheroes look up to. But the problem with her is that she hasn't shown her full potential yet. She is underestimated and some people think that she is not so good. And I can understand why. She doesn't have a lot of good stories and her rogues gallery isn't that impressive. But as I said earlier she has alot of potential if written correctly (for example Gail Simone). As for her costume, like Superman's, I don't like it a lot. It just doesn't seem that functionable to me.

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My thoughts on Superman

I don't understand why a lot of people don't like him. Personally, it's one of my favorite superheroes. Each time someone says that he doesn't like Superman, they say one of these reasons: that he is a boy scout or that he is overpowered. I don't think that being a boy scout is such a bad thing (even though I am not one), especially in those times where killing is what almost everybody does. Why is it so bad to stand by your values? As for the overpowered part, yes he is overpowered if you compare him to Batman but there are a lot of characters who can do those stuff and more. Take for example Martian Manhunter, he can almost what Superman can and much more, like telepathy, intangibility, shapeshifting, size manipulation and other things but nobody says  that he is overpowered. I grew up with Superman, animated series, tv series, movies, comics etc. Although I agree on one thing, I don't like his costume a lot. It sure needs an update.