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Oh, I forgot to ask you something, I know that you really are busy and all, but what is your e-mail address?

That picture with the clown, Pennywise, is that based on Stephen King's IT?
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When will Ravine come out? And will you make a book that displays your art?

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Thank you friends for your support, I have been imagining in LaLa Land and I want to share my imagination with people as I want to become a Film Director and a writer. I had a language disability when I was seven, my brain processes differently and I have ADHD so I have to organize my thoughts on paper. I'm facing difficulties with my father and sister, doing school work and working on my screenplays and scripts. And I am really working on this project, I don't want to rush in because readers and critics will say "It was okay, the plot is good but didn't convince me." See that's a writers mistake. I need to work on not just the story, but the characters, the dialogues, and other things that I can't think of right now, I want to amaze the audience. And Risky, I don't want someone stealing my story like in Big Fat Liar (If you seen the movie). Thank you.

And by the way does anyone know a professional artist?
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Dreams do come true! You have to take action and not wait around for a miracle, I mean when you have goals, do it! Zack Snyder is the new David Lean.

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Well at first I set this up to collect information about the 13 Artifacts on one page from the internet, but with all your help and support KillerZ, you turned into something really great. Thank you very much and a really great friend KillerZ.

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Hey thanks for going all this trouble to post this, I really appreciate it KillerZ.

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J. J. Abrams is directing and hope he gets it right.

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She's actually a cyborg and well we're curious, because the technology in her future is so advanced that you can replace a missing limb with a mechanical that is covered in living tissue with nerves which actually means you can feel the sense of touch again. And besides this is not a big issue with the sexual identity thing since sex feels good because it's nature's way for us to reproduce to keep the species alive.

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That's OK I understand, now when you say "vacations", are you talking about the "e-sex" thing? The e-sex is panel is for cyborgs, when they link each other they  masturbate or something to stimulate the nerves for pleasure and all those connected can feel it.

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What do you think Motoko's Sexuality is?

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