It's Happening

I was still writing a story for a graphic novel, but I couldn't find an artist. Well I found an official artist and that's my sister, she is excellent, very talented and interprets my vision better than in my head. We both are collaborating in Marvel style and as soon as my sister gets Photoshop and a scanner, and I will be doing the lettering. It's possible to come soon.


Working Title

Thank you friends for your support, I have been imagining in LaLa Land and I want to share my imagination with people as I want to become a Film Director and a writer. I had a language disability when I was seven, my brain processes differently and I have ADHD so I have to organize my thoughts on paper. I'm facing difficulties with my father and sister, doing school work and working on my screenplays and scripts. And I am really working on this project, I don't want to rush in because readers and critics will say "It was okay, the plot is good but didn't convince me." See that's a writers mistake. I need to work on not just the story, but the characters, the dialogues, and other things that I can't think of right now, I want to amaze the audience. And Risky, I don't want someone stealing my story like in Big Fat Liar (If you seen the movie). Thank you.

And by the way does anyone know a professional artist?

Comicman's creating his own Graphic Novel

Hi for those who know me, sorry I haven't been here for a long time but I am writing a graphic novel. I'm still on the process of writing it, but after it's done I will find a professional artist and a publisher. It's a secret, you'll have to wait.

Sincerely, Comicman.

Disappointed with Spirit Movie

Well Frank you killed the Spirit. I mean it's great for your solo debut, but I don't mean to hurt your feelings but  ....sigh.... The movie was to dark and I didn't feel any humanism out of this movie and was frightened by the unknown sort of thing. The Spirit wears Blue, not Black, he is a wisecracker, but in the movie he is like an anti-hero. He was like a phantom than a spirit, but the harsh, noir, and darkness suits Sin City, but this is not the Spirit's style. I'm sorry Frank, but keep directing movies, just not the way you have done with the Spirit.

You got to give the fans what they want. I mean no wonder Alan Moore hates movie adaptions, because they ruin it!

When I become a director and if I had a chance to direct the Spirit, I definitely stay true to the comics, the Spirit would wear blue, be wisecracking and kicking butt, I'll shadow the Octopuses face like Zack did with the Comedian's killer, make the environment jazzy with blue-ish color and definitely Ebony White would be in it.

We Want Watchmen

We all waited for the Watchmen Movie and there is no way I'll let FOX ruin this because of some lawsuit against WB. I want The Watchmen! We all want The Watchmen! If FOX denies it, then I say we boycott it's movies!


The Best

I love it, excellent. Christopher Nolan is the best director on the Batman film series than any other directors.