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I was randomly bitten by a radioactive bat in Smallville that gave me superpowers and revealed to me that I am a mutant, martian, atlantian, amazon, super soldier, kryptonian, asgardian, and a ninja. From then on I went to Invisibility school to learn to become invisible where I was the only student (I think, maybe everyone else was just better than me). Midyear I switched schools to go to The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters where I was put on my first team The New Teen Justice Avengers until I left the team when my powers went away. For a while I went to Canada where a protected a girl from her Evil Exboyfriends and fell in love with Canadian maple syrup on my waffles. Until I was killed by Doomsday who beat my with a crowbar and shot me in the back, crippling me. However, in Soul Society I became a Soul Reaper. But to stop Aizen I had to give up my powers. I spent a month with a normal life as the CEO of Wayne Industries Corp when I was chosen to be a green lantern. Unfortunately, I was kicked out when I made a comment asking why they where tiny masks to keep a secret identity when the are in space going from planet to planet. Afterwards I joined The Gold Lantern Corp whose power ran on Awesomeness and could absorb energy and surf to the internet mentally. I then took the new name The Almighty Captain Awesomeness Lord of the Cool and mentored Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, and TIm Drake (not because they were orphans or had powers I just thought it was cool to have a first name as a last name). I created different bases including The Baxter Watchtower, The Mansion of Solitude, and the Avenger Cave. To get to each place I used my Invisible Batmobile to travel around in style (of course no when knew because it was invisible). One point a boy from the future with a special ring, super speed, and a sword who called himself Future Impulsive Booster Trunks Gold who saved my life from the return of Doomsday and his new partner Apocalypse. Together Future Impulsive Booster Trunks Gold, my Robins, and I defeated them at the cost that I had to eat Twix bars to survive. To find more we journeyed to find the dragon balls to wish for some where we met up with my pets Krypto the Nyan Cat and Bat Cow. After eating a certain amount of twix bars and waffles I regained all of my past powers and ditched Earth to go be awesome in Space. But after meeting Darth Vader I decided to train to become a Jedi to stop him. After all did you really think a dork like Luke could have stopped him? Now I am currently fighting Vader while using my internet surfing powers so people know my story if I die. So farewell as I kick some sith lord @$$