Marvel Comics Starring The Inhumans

 I love Marvel comics and have always been amazed by them! My favorites....well some are with the FF and the Inhumans crossovers, but I also love where the Inhumans have their own series including where is stars their lead and King, Black Bolt! He's a major favorite! I may have not read these comics but I love the characters and the covers too! And I'd love to actually read them! :D I'm a big Inhumans Fan too! :D Enjoy! :)  Some of these will include the Inhumans with the FF too. :)  Plus one or two with guest starring the Black Widow!













This is one I've longed to read for a very long time and Still would love to read it! :D

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Posted by Comicgirl93

I actually meant to say that  the comic to Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions was the one I was longing to read for a very long time! I'd love to read that one! :D