Goodbye Comicvine!!!!

Hey to Comicvine, I'm taking a permanent leave to this site, so I'd just like to take this short time to say Thank you all soo much for your great comments and PM and the comics and videos I got sent. And Thanks so much for recommending my lists and commenting on my photos and blogs I really appreciate it very much! So thank you all! 
And it will nice to meet you too! So long comicvine and take care! Goodbye! :)


What's your preferred Superhero TV series and Movie???

Hey there you comicviners out there, So the last time I posted a blog, it asked on your favorites Superhero, and golly I sure was glad of the results on how many comments I had received on it. Thanks so much for posting comments on it. And hopefully if it will becomes unlocked (Because it got locked lol) I will see more awesome comments shooting away on it. :D Anyway, now I have a new blog that I have posted here and I'm hoping that it won't become a locked one. lol! Okay, now that I  have asked about your favorite Superhero, now my questions come to me saying, What was and is your most favorable Superhero TV show, series and Movie??  either as you were growing up and now?
It can be from either a DC comic TV series, movie or a Marvel universe TV series, and movie  or both. (Marvel/DC)  Oh and from the 60's to modern day too.  This also includes live action or animated.  Let the comments begin! LOL!  :) Can't wait to see what kinda of groovy comments will be coming out this new blog/thread. :)


Your favored Hero DC/Marvel Other?

Hey there comicviners, So  this may not be much of a blog, but I just thought I'd post one asking about your favorite superhero.
Who is your favorite Superhero? it can be from Marvel or DC or both! And it can male, female or both male and female. 
Oh and it can be from other Universes that include Superheros in them as well! These are some of the questions I had in mind. 


Does Black Bolt Love Him????????

So, apart from Medusa and Black Bolt inheriting a son and then Black Bolt telling Medusa that their son is way too dangerous and gets locked away in a chamber for sometime, and the other things that go on with him, is there any chances at all that Black Bolt has the slightest love for his son Ahura does he even love him at all???????? 


Who Is This Guy????

Okay, So I've seen this guy is some places, but I have no clue who he is! Maybe he's just a made up character or somebody was just playing around with the character as in mixing up different suits or something. But if he's a real character then who is he?????????