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Otto's gone, SSM is over.....PARTY TIME!!!

I can't wait to see Peter in the new ASM. I couldn't stand Otto, he made for a boring, cliché, pretentious, all-around horrible excuse for a hero.

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@Grey56 said:

Still not Spiderman.

amen, i'm tired of people getting the two confused.

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why do so many people buy the same God-awful story over and over?

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Has anyone else noticed that Spider-Ock tries to be a good guy, yet he keeps picking fights with superheroes? I thought the whole point of Spider-Ock was for him turning over a new leaf for some form of "redemption" (personally, I think it's impossible after what he's done, but whatever). At this point, he might as well hang out downtown and start getting into bar fights.

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Of course they're bringing Peter back. Too many fans are cancelling their subscriptions. Marvel may have made a lot of money with Amazing Spide-Man #700, but it's gonna lose a LOT more with Superior Spider-Man.

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@chocobojam said:

No matter what fans said about how they dont like this new direction Spiderman is taking, they will still buy it. And thats the funny truth about superior Spiderman!!

Wow, I can't believe this is surprising news for you, but no it's not. Sales may not show in the first month or two, but go to any Marvel forum, and it's filled with people telling Marvel they're going to cancel their subscriptions to anything Spider-Man-related. More people than you know are hating the very idea that this series is actually a reality. I swear, it's almost like having a villain kill a superhero in the harshest, insensitive, most ill-conceived way imaginable, then expecting fans to root for said villain as a hero, is a BAD idea or something. (and yes, I'm being sarcastic as f*** on that sentence.)

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@k4tzm4n said:

Not liking the story is perfectly fine. But thinking it destroyed your childhood or your memories of Peter Parker? That's irrational and exactly the kind of ridiculous opinion I've seen thrown around far too much. It's mocking those that are being way too ridiculous over something that clearly will eventually return to the status quo.

I never said this destroyed my childhood. I just hate how sarcastic that remark is. It makes it sound like anyone who's angry for what they did to Spider-Man is instantly some raged lunatic.

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I really hate the quote ""AGH! My childhood!" says any irrational fan." under that picture of Spider-Ock. So what, someone can't be irritated because some pretentous hack decided to kill off one of the greatest superheroes of all time, JUST so sales can go up so they can fill their own dirty pockets? We're fans, and when something like this happens, i don't think being angry is considered irrational.

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Dangit, the title got me excited. I was hoping they were firing Dan Slott.

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