Aquaman - Greatest Stories

A list of Aquaman's best (IMO) stories. Mainly focused on the Peter David era and later stories (but some older ones are included). Also it focuses on stories where Aquaman gets to kick butt (so most of the stories include some amazing moments and feats by the Sea King).

Some stories are not presented as arcs on the site, so the description provides all the relevant issues when needed.

Some of those stories are also not Aquaman exclusive, but feature Aquaman as a main character and he plays an important role (like most of the JL stories).

The list will be updated from time to time.

List items

Posted by Justthatkid

I'm liking the cover for number 39 :)

Posted by comicfan11

@justthatkid: Hehe, it's not exactly what happens in the issue, but it's close. Definitely one of modern Aquaman's most famous covers.

Posted by Raw_Material

Nice list you got here.

Posted by comicfan11
Posted by jstndmnd

Thanks for setting up this list. Gives me a lot of reading ideas. My favortie story so far is The Trench.

Posted by comicfan11

@jstndmnd: No problem! I didn't like the lists from the official sites, so I made this one instead with more stories.

Posted by Hit_Monkey

@comicfan11: Hey, I'm a big fan of Aquaman's new 52 series. Haven't read anything else though. With what I've read in mind could you suggest where to start off with in this list? Cheers.

Posted by comicfan11

@hit_monkey: Hey man. You could begin with Atlantis Chronicles (though Aquaman is not featured until the last pages of the last issue, it's a great self contained epic) to get the whole PRE Flashpoint Atlantis history.

After that it's Time and Tide followed by the Peter David series which lasted for 75 issues (although the ones from Erik Larsen are pretty bad) and at the same time the Grant Morrison JLA (starting with the 3 issue mini JLA A Midsummer's Nightmare, by Waid).

You can check the other stories in the list to see when they were released for better continuity.