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@arturocalakayvee: Basically Earth 2 Aquaman is a different character.

These are his appearances

More Fun Comics #73-107

Adventure Comics #101-259

All Star Squadron #31,#59-60

World's Finest Comics #006

In All Star Squadron it's revealed that Earth 2 Aquaman operated during WW2, and he was the one seen punching Uboats and Nazis.

And yes I'd love to see a New Earth 2 Aquaman, yellow gloves and all.

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@fallschirmjager: Nice feats this week and nice scans man.

I also added the first scan that shows Aquaman has followed those creatures all the way to the East Chine Sea (superhuman endurance) and some missing scan from the fight with the mutations (agility, reflexes and fighting skill)

The fight with Morgana Lefay was great.

We see AQ's superhuman strength (swims through a tsunami and punches Morgana), speed (blitzes a flying Morgana), leaping (leaps several stories up to Morgana's level), durability (tanks Morgana's first blast), reflexes (he deflects Moragana's second kill blast) and the Trident deflecting magic and hurting a high level mage. He also shows great strategic skill again in organizing the Others

Good issue.

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@pokeysteve: Lol dude just Lol.

He is holding her down because you can see WW arms trying to get free.

Or do you thing WW is trying to grab Aquaman's arms because she likes the texture of his gloves?

I have nothing more to add to this conversation.

You made your double standard "logic" perfectly clear, so please don't pretend you are not here to lowball despite the comics, the writers and even the mods on this site proving you wrong.

I hope a WW writer make's her more relevant to the New DCU, but just stop pretending your "opinion" is anything more than fanboyish wishful thinking that contradicts current continuity contradicted by all on panel evidence..

Also yeah he outreacted Cheetah underwater and then easily subdued her with one hand.

I see your repertoir of lowballing is expanding.

Again pity.

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@nightian: Nah of course it's a skip.

DC is giving fans the finger, I sure as h3ll ain't giving them money for it.

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@pokeysteve: Of course he tags her. He grabs her by the throat and pins her down. What comic book are you reading?

Also just for argument's sake, can you please provide the limit on how fast Aquaman is?

Because you mention how fast WW is (her best feat so far) but how do you know how fast Aquaman is?

So far by feats he is fast enough to tag WW.

That's all.

DC comics seems to have a very different opinion from yours on what Aquaman can do dude.

Let it go and next time AQ and WW are portrayed as near equals, you won't be so surprised.

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@pokeysteve: So he doesn't make contact when he rushes her? LOL what?

How does he do that? Didn't know Aquaman was telekinetic.

Because after he blitzes WW, he has her pinned to the ground with his hand around her neck.

So what constitutes tagging for you if not being fast enough to make contact with an opponent?

Because what you just described constitutes Aquaman tagging WW after she attacked him first from behind.

Are WW fans sinking so low as to try to invalidate in canon art and comics?

WW fans are pissed (un-rightfully) but I didn't expect this kind of twisting and denial.

But after "debating" with some and taking a look at the WW forums I can see it should be expected.

No wonder WW "fans" where one of the main reasons the DC official forums at got shut down.

A pitty.

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@justthatkid: I agree.

I hope Parker explores these and especially the Fisherman statue.

If revamped he can be a very interesting villain (maybe more so than the reimagined Scavenger, although this revamp was also great)

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@the_judge_since_83: Thx dude.

Anyway I didn't even bring pre new 52 feats since the discussion was about the New 52 versions.

Which is consistent with Aquaman showin super speed pre Flashpoint.

And yeah it's More Fun Comics 73, the very first Aquaman appearance.

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@fallschirmjager: Eeeeh that already happened in the PAD run. But a new take on it would be interesting if done right.

As for the Seven Kingdoms, the possibilities are endless, so I hope they are not the same ones Peter David used.

We have Atlantis, Xebel and Trench so far.

I hope for one warrior/mystical (maybe the Fisherman looking), one warrior/amazon like (next to the Fisherman), one mystery/animal control (the insect looking one).

And there's also one statue we don't see, so that can be one of the already existing ones like Tritonis.