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In Infinite Crisis, something intrigued me, on page 50 there is a panel in which Superman is looking at the past newspapers on the walls in the Daily Planet, namely the Death of Superman, across the wall are a selection of different headlines, referring to OWAW, etc.

However, one of them says Crisis and there is a picture of the Anti-Monitor above Metropolis....

That happened during the end of COIE but I thought people could not remember such a thing?

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@zhurong: @agent41: Um, just to let you know that Superboy tossed a city out of orbit with TK and nearly killed her once he got serious with T.K blast.

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apokolips shrunk when it got closer to earth its not a planet level feat becuase it got smaller for some reason

still impressive but not a planet level feat

Now let's see it against Earth:

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I don’t see anything legitimate about it. Apocalypse changing it size while journeying through space, lack of destructions on Earth when it entered out atmosphere – all that gives me serious doubts about was this Apocalypse fully materialized or not, was that real dense planet or some metaphysical hollow construct. It impressive feat, no doubt, but was that legitimate “real-planet-moving”- level feat? In 11 Season – nothing on this scale (through I would be glad if there was some confirmation of such Super’s strength). For all I know it could be “show finale”- induced PIS. And statements about Clark “realizing his destiny and becoming much more powerful because of it” (yes, he finally learned how to fly, thank Rao, it surely took quite some time, but that’s it) are just that – statements without evidence which we could use exactly in this instance.

It was legitimate, it was not PIS. The whole point was that he unlocked his power and became the SA Superman, if you think he was going to stay at pre-finale levels then you are just wrong. Apokolips angles was dodgy but tossing ANY planet is insane, I could point out many inconsistencies, but moving a planet was insane.

Using physics in the sense to say it wasn't solidified is a bit silly, if we went by REAL physics Earth would have been destroyed, similar instances in comics where the physics doesn't match up. Also, Clark beat Darkseid before Darkseid could solidify his power on Earth. It wasn't hollow either, Superman was able to physically fly into it.

He hasn't had any chance to show off his strength in the manner that Season 10 showed, that was his biggest threat. The planet feat BACKED UP the whole destiny thing. Essentially, he became SA like, look at the resemblance he bears to the Classic Superman:

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@comicdude23: If that were the case, Bats wouldn't have said something like ""In all the years to come, in your most private moments... I want you to remember the one man who beat you"... I don't know about you, but I wouldn't say something like that unless I was trying to make someone think I'm better than they are, and the only reason I would make such an insecure statement like that is out of jealousy.

You can interpret it any which way you'd like, but saying something like that is obviously out of some deeper meaning, it's too premeditated.

Yes he would, he was going to operate for years more, he needed Superman out of his way or atleast tried to. Considering that Superman nearly killed him, it was justified. Batman said similar crap to the Mutant Leader where he babbled on about being in a mudhole.

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@bezza said:

It did nothing really, as the story arc is unknown outside of the Batman and comic buying community. I think it did a lot to launch Batman to super stardom but didn't touch superman's popularity.

Um, no.

It's one of THE most famous graphic novels ever, there is masses of evidence to support this. Superman IV didn't help it either.

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He can surprise us. I'll give him a chance.

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Words can not describe how epic I felt this was, still today:

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@clarkkent12: No it didn't. Batman was never 'jealous' of Superman, he just never agreed with his methods and wanted him out of his way.

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@comicdude23: I answered Catwoman 75 first :(


I was looking for post-flashpoint too but nonetheless, thank you for posting.