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He lives! He walks! He conquers! 0

So Invincible Iron Man was a series that I always wanted to read but was never able to because it's really hard to find the right comics here that you want to read. Anyway so instead of picking up each individual issue I finally got the chance to buy the omnibus trade off of eBay, and I have to say this series does not dissapoint. First off if you are a newcomer to the Iron Man comics all together the start of this series is a really good jumping on point and you won't have a hard time understan...

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In case you were wondering this kicks ass. 0

I was very sad to not be able to buy any of the issues of this series when it came out, but now that I have the hardcover I'm extremely happy. Ok so right off the bat this series is pretty fresh and exciting to read, Mark Millar does a great job of convincing you of it's realistic world and characters, and John Romita Jr does an excellent job of bringing it to life with his great storytelling art that does a fantastic job of drawing you into the story. I do have a couple of problems and that is ...

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My first issue of the series. 0

WARNING: this review may contain spoilers. Up until this issue of ultimate comics spiderman I hadn't read any of the series even though I wanted to ( comics are a lot harder to read continuosly issue by issue in Australia because comics aren't a real big thing here.) So finally I was able to find my first issue of ultimate comics spiderman which was issue number 3. Anyway at the start of this issue we see MJ at her job and she gets picked to write a story on spiderman but with Peter and MJ broke...

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WOW!!!!!!! 0

I have known about Tom Strong for some time but with the very small comic book shop it is very hard to just pick up an issue that follows up.When I was scouring through the back issues box I saw this issue and said to myself I have to have it , so I read it and was blown away I thought it was great. I was really happy to read something by Alan Moore that wasn't all just violence and madness. I was also very surprised that the amount of action was a lot I mean normally Alan Moore likes to have lo...

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All about Venom. 0

This issue of ultimate spiderman is great not as good as the one before it but still enjoyable.This issue they tried something different and made the story all about Eddie Brock being venom there are some particularly creepy scenes in this comic and it definitely tries something different.The art as always is fantastic and the story is still good but not as good as it could have been and it is definitely interesting to see something in the eyes of the bad guy but I still did not enjoy it as much...

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The beetle rules. 0

This issue of ultimate spiderman as always was awesome and of course so was the Beetle I mean WOW!!!!!!!! he looks great everything about this ish was great I mean seriously good.The dialgue is absolutely awesome in this issue I mean the dialogue in ultimate spiderman is always good but it was especially good in this one anyway it was great and the final suit for the Beetle was really awesome and the appearance of Nick Fury at the end was cool and well done.The art as always was great and the st...

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Ultimate Spiderman #119 0

Unfortunately I did not get to read the issue before this but reading the 'previously' section of the comic I pretty much get what is going on, so anyway this is my first review and here we go...... I love the ultimate spiderman comics I like bendis' writing and I love Stuart Immonen's art and they both fit together perfectly. So what did I think of this issue in particular I really enjoyed it and I think it's great that Bendis has got these characters down pat and I especially love Iceman in th...

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