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Hey Tony, Sara, and Corey !! I love the podcast so much I haven't missed a single episode since the very beginning! I just wanted to hear each of your opinions on Y the last Man. I just picked up the first Trade after hearing so much about it and it's kinda my first venture out of the superhero genre. I will always love superheroes and science fiction comics but I have wanted to start reading other things for a while so yeah just wanted to hear some discussions about Y the last Man and what you guys think of it (try not to spoil anything past the first trade) and maybe some suggestions for other really good original comic series except for the obvious Walking Dead, Saga, and Scott Pilgrim. Thanks guys I love everything you do and I will always be a huge fan of Comic Vine.

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Oh come on...Young Justice was one of my favourite shows of all time and Green Lantern was getting there.....FAAAAAAAAAR OUUUUUUUUUT

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I would say Konner or Wally....but mann Dick is awesome too so is Miss Martian....also who thought Impulse was extremely awesome too ?

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Love these videos Tony keep em up!!! also this camera is much better

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My thoughts on the show all together is that it's a damn shame...because it has soooo much potential that is just straight up wasted. I mean the animation style is exactly what I want from an animated cartoon, a hilarious Spiderman sounds good, even incorporating SHIELD and other Marvel heroes is pretty cool......but they just throw all that away and make it super dumb, really corny, and I hate the teen heroes he has to work with. So I just wish the writers would pay attention give the show more serious stories like Spectacular, make Spiderman's jokes not so cringe worthy and I think the show could be brilliant.....oh and get rid of White Tiger, Power Man, Iron Fist and Nova.....also how random is that team ? it just doesn't make any sense.

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@feargalr: I also agree for the most part with everything you said too...I thought the movie was brilliant everything worked and I honestly don't think it could've been better.

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Ant man I think would fit...and he could work if they keep the same humour that they sorta had going in the first one.

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@X35: Thank you very much I will definitely look into those...and under siege looks interesting....I might just try and get it :D. @PowerHerc: cool thanks and I really do like the big cosmic arcs too.

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@PowerHerc: Hey thanks I'll check out what that is.

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So because I'm in Australia I was super lucky enough to be able to see The Avengers movie yesterday afternoon....and let me say that it was AWESOME and did not dissapoint me in any way. But enough rubbing it in to those who haven't seen it. Just after having seen it yesterday all I can think about is the I want to get a trade or two and would like to know what you guys think are the best ones out there. Just so you know I already have New Avengers volume 1, and volume 1 of the latest Brian Michael Bendis Avengers, I have already read volumes one and two of Ultimates 1, I was thinking about getting Ultimates 2 so if you have read that please tell me your thoughts on that also. Thanks very much I will appreciate any and all comments. :D