Comic Book Hall of Fame? Eisner Award Hall of Fame? Confusion Between the Two

Ok Fans, please stop emailing me now. I'm back online posting to address two things - 1. The KCRA 3 News interview where Mr. Neal Adams was cited as being inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame ( a honest mistake and what they really meant to say was the Eisner Award Hall of Fame and 2ndly, No, Mr. Neal Adams has not been inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame nor did we have ceremonies without you. Believe me, I wish but we are close! Lastly, A friendly letter has been sent already to the news station and the problem is taken care of. We made them aware of the mistake and asked them to refrain from using our name in the future, unless they ask us first. Thanks for the understanding. Sincerely, Roger Rautio

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