Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's to wishing a Peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone. Please enjoy the Holiday. Also, I noticed everyone seemed to like the Expose we did on The Defenders. We're going to look into doing some more things of that nature, while we are putting this together. It is hard sometimes but we do alright. It's you fans that keep us going. Thanks to Everyone and again, have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!


Positive response! Here's to skill & luck!

Hi Everyone! You remember how earlier in the week I made some V.I.P. phone calls and sent out some emails? Well we've gotten a positive response out of it! How about that! We were asked to wait 'tll after the holidays to discuss things a little more and naturally, we have agreed. It's a start! We'll take it! Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday!


Our meet with . . .

Here's the Comic Book Hall of Fame's meeting with none other than Bob Mcleod! Even thou we know him for The New Mutants, he actually began his career in 1973 on a recommendation from Neal Adams! He went on to become a top inker at Marvel and DC working on titles like The Incredible Hulk, Conan the Barbarian, The Legion of Super Heroes, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, and The New Titans, as well as penciling Star Wars!. In other words, Awesome!


Evolution and 1st Appearance of The Defenders!

Alright, now back to The Defenders or should I say the evolution of The Defenders? You see, the story actually starts off before the Defenders were formed. The Defenders formed in Marvel feature #1 (Dec. 1971) when The Hulk, Dr. Strange and Submariner had made the conscious decision to fight as a group and gave that group a name and charter.. This story is the culmination of a series of smaller stories and does not take away the significance of those other issues either. For instance, the story actually begins in Dr. Strange #183 (1st appearance of the Undying Ones) and then crosses over to Submariner #22 where Dr. Strange and Submariner meet for the first time and fight agents of the Undying Ones who are trying to come to Earth. Subby has to push Doc Strange through a portal that leads to the Undying Ones dimension in order for it to close. The story then crosses over to Incredible Hulk #126 - 1st Appearance of Barbara Norris (who later is brought back to life as the Valkyrie ) and the 1st time Hulk & Barabara meet Dr. Strange. The Undying Ones are still looking to come to earth and have decided to cross through their enemies dimension (Nightcrawler) to do it. Their agents on Earth send the Hulk! Then, one of their own think it's wrong and send her (Barbara Norris) too! The Hulk and Barbara defeat Nightcrawler who then teleports everyone to the Undying Ones dimension to seek revenge against them for sending the Hulk to his! While Nightcrawler battles the Undying Ones, Hulk and Barbara find Dr. Strange trapped and about to be killed by his prison. Barbara seeing this, trades places with Dr. Strange and once freed, he quickly transports the hulk and himself back to Earth.(yes, she sacrifices herself).

That story continues in Defenders #1-4. So after Incredible Hulk 126, there's Submariner #34 & 35.. In issue #34, it is the first time the Submariner and the Silver Surfer meet. The Hulk, Submariner and Silver Surfer team up to battle bad guys and in issue #35 Battle the Avengers. These issues are more a 'Defenders' test issue to see fan response - and we responded well and it is no accident that Submariner #34 & 35 launched in Feb.-Mar. 1971 with Marvel Feature #1 that December. So, there it is. The evolution of The Defenders and their 1st appearance as The Defenders. Hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it! *Have a great day!

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Here's skill & luck!

Hi Everyone, well, made the V.I.P. phone calls and sent some emails. I'll give it a couple of weeks before I'll hear back, I hope. If we get a positive response, it could lead to something big. I used my skill, now here's to a little luck!

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V.I.P. phone calls and The Defenders

Ok, I'm going to make some V.I.P. phone calls after we talk about The Defenders. Now in my opinion, the top seven accepted and maybe best known members of The Defenders are Hulk, Submariner, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, Valkyrie, Nighthawk and Hellcat. With that in mind, what is the first appearance of the team? And what makes it their first appearance? We'll talk more about this tomorrow and maybe by Wednesday, we might have some good news to share!

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The Puzzle and The Defenders!

Alright, so putting together a show is like putting together pieces of a puzzle, in this case, we know what the pieces are. Next week, we are going to see if we ourselves can't put some pieces together. We will let you know how that goes. Also, we're going to talk about the superhero group known as The Defenders. We see that their is a disagreement between collectors and the Overstreet Price guide on what their first appearance is. We are going to cover all the bases! It ought to be exciting!

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