The Hall and You!

Hi Everyone! Well, it's finally Friday and I'm counting down the days. I'm also thinking of some more ideas of things to write about - you know like how we talked about the Defenders. It's getting there. Also starting to put a little pressure on myself to start putting those secret projects together. Hopefully, that will be something really special. I also have thought about our movements (to have a physical comic book hall of fame) relationship and realized that all of us together, are the Comic Book Hall of Fame (online for now) and that we do need you. You are an important part of this. I know, it's kind of strange but if you think about it, it's true. I guess I just want to say, 'Hey, Thanks! It means alot to me.' . Have a great weekend. -Roger

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A Quick Review!

A quick review of the last two years: 2012 awarded Patent and Trademark, 2013 Initiated process to become a Non Profit and had the Prototype to the Comic Book Hall of Fame Induction Award Made. 2014 June - Received IRS Award Letter confirming our status as a Non Profit and found a suitable location to hold the Comic Book Hall of Fame Induction Awards.

2015 - Fundraising time!

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Being back and the potential!

Hi Everyone. I am back now. Ok, so we are going to move the golden age splash page thing to Thursdays. In the meantime, I am getting everyone ready for this thing we're going to have going on after the Holidays. We know it's going to be exciting and have a pretty good idea of how many people could be involved. It does have the potential. Well, I guess I better get to work on it because I'll be doing this, Christmas, getting CBHOF taxes ready, personal taxes, New Years, Birthdays, -oh brother! *lol.


Family Emergency

Sorry Everyone but I have had a death in the family and won't be on for the rest of the week. Comic Book covers and Golden Age splash pages will be up on schedule because I don't do them. Have a great week and we'll talk soon.