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@k4tzm4n: How is going Gregg. I am getting pretty overwhelmed with all the Convergence titles DC is putting out. I am already down for the main series, Batman, Superman and Green Lantern. However, I would like to add more, but honestly don't know where to begin or what is going to be a waste of money with that price tag. I honestly didn't get really interested in many other titles until I read the solicits for the 2nd part of each story. I just wanted to ask if you plan on doing anything for the Convergence titles that are worth picking up. Maybe "worth" was an inappropriate word to use because everyone enjoys different things. I was thinking, how about an "Essential Comics" for the convergence titles your team feel are worth the read. With over 80 issues and my budget, I'm really trying to nitpick stories I think will be fun, however I always love the Comic Vine team's input when it comes to 'weekly essential comics.' You fellas haven't let me down yet! I'm just brain storming here, but it seems a lot of my fellow readers are having trouble deciding which Convergence titles will be reserving a spot on their pull-list. Some insight would be much obliged if you guys find the time. Thank you for hearing me out. Sorry so long.

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so bummed....all of our Descender books came damaged from Diamond Distributor and are not being replaced. I was really looking forward to that one. Looks great. Now it's sold out and ebay sellers are capitalizing on the comic fans. Oh well.

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@soa: Manifest destiny is amazing and I recommend it to everyone. It's a great story and adventurous, not to mention the artwork is incredible. This is a must read for all comic book readers IMO. I'm sure others would agree. Just my two cents

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I had high hopes for this, but I'm baffled by what I just read. More so, it was just a tough read for me and almost a chore to get through at times. I suppose I have to read this a second or third time to understand what I'm missing. I would expect the first issue to have more character development or at the very least some sort of hook to want the reader to pick up issue 2. However, I will commend the artwork. Anyway, despite the last sequence of events, I felt like I jumped into the middle of a series and am lost. Hopefully, the next issue answers some of the many questions I have. Morrison may have gone way over my head this time around. Just my opinion.

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Thank for the great review. I have been getting this series since issue one and fell behind so I was about to drop it. Now I'm excited to catch up and continue pulling it. Well done!

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I bought this figure months ago and it's one of my favorites. Granted I'm a huge Walking Dead comic/show fan and the B &W figure with blood is perfect for those reading the comics. The color version is cool too, but no blood and I think it takes away from the comic book experience. He is one hell of a villain and I have nothing but praise for this figure. Good job Tony! I was excited to see this as your feature.

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Looks great to me.

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I had to listen to this podcast 3 times already because I'm anticipating the next weekly podcast!!! How am I supposed to get through work!!! LOL jk keep up the good work.

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Art Baltazar and Franco!, I'm in...these guys are great and never disappoint my son and I...I just met them both at NYCC 2013 tonight and they are amazing...great guys making great books in my opinion