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Marvel is making some big changes. First a new Captain America and a female thor? I'm Hoping she can kick some butt. I like a woman who is attractive and can kick your rear end sideways. Maybe this Thor will not only have strength and durability, but speed as well.

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Although Avengers had a lot going on with each character and there was almost never a dull moment as each A-List team member played there part in the movie, I gave it to Captain America, only because of how grounded and realistic its was, touching on real world problems such as national security and if you can really trust your government. It also did a great job keeping some of the elements that makes the Winter Soldier such as his dark past, and relationship with Cap. I loved the comic book references in the movie like Ed Brubaker's cameo, Bucky holding Steve's shield, Secret Avengers suit, an my personal favorite the shield punch.

Nuff Said.

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@god_spawn can take a joke and lets things slide if they know how the user acts. ( Wolverine08 especially)

@deranged_midget cool mod. Haven't really talked to him.

@saren don't really know why some people are afraid of you... and hate you. You have some sense of humor.

@k4tzm4n does the most to get people to come together on his site, with character of the month battle of the month.

I'm more afraid/try to stay away from the women mods mostly.

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@quickfingers26 said:

Ok with full knowledge of what Team 1 brings to the table, Cap and company got a whole lot stronger. With the knowledge of the utility belts and the armaments of the opponents known and disclosed among them, Cap/BP/Bucky will be even better prepared. Without surprise and "I didn't know he could do that" or "what the devil is his armor made out of", Bat and team are in trouble. BP agrees to take down Slade with his anti-metal weaponry and the I-embarrass-mercenaries-don't-believe-me-ask-Klaw ways. Bucky and Nightwing is a rather close battle until Bucky shoots him. And Cap throws back the clock in this classic never seen before image.

Team 2 spend the next 12 minutes of prep playing Sudoku and snapchatting.

The fight commences and Team 2 wins 8/10.

Maybe I should have made it basic knowledge.

Don't listen to him its fine. Team 1 should take it 7/10 or at least 6/10. Its a good battle and he's being a bit biased.

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Drowning Pool- Die for nothing

Shine down- Sound of madness

Shine down- Heroes

Breaking Benjamin- Lights out.

All of these songs have lyrics that would be nice to hear, and sort of a threat to my opponent.

Oh and I can't forget some wwe music

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Alright Imma come back and say this: Everything I've thought of is on point so far. Cena winning the title and Rollins winning money in the bank. Next guess is when Lesnar Season comes in ( summer slam), he's gonna strip the title from cena. Alright Cya guys in 27 days.

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I'll be gone for about a month or so or just be inactive. Hoping some of you guys will PM me on anything new.

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OK I'm back and i'd like to say I'm gonna leave this thread for about a month... So um yeah. Rouflex.... Shut up.

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Wolvie 7 or 8/10

Team 6/10

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... Cap. America is already taken so.... The patriot? No wait....

Melting Pot.


Superhuman Strength ( 3 ton range)

Superhuman durability, Stamina, Speed ( can run nearly 200 mph)

Superhuman Agility and reflexes, and inhuman coordination.

Superhuman Senses/ Danger Sense

Ability to adapt to any environment

Martial Arts Master

Weapons Master ( Being USA and all)

Danger sense and Healing factor

Resistance to telepathy

In times of serious danger ( which may change from time to time): All stats are amplified tenfold and he has a glowing red and yellow aura. Sometimes has flaming fists.


Anything weapon he can get his hands on. But preferably broad sword or Katana.

Kelvar body suit.