My blog...

Hey guys I'm just wondering... what should my blog be about? I wanna make a weekly blog on something interesting? Please help!


H'el Vs Helspont

  • No morals
  • 1 week prep
  • Anywhere in the world
  • H'el does whatever he does to power up and so does Helspont


If this has been done already I apologize and do not need another "welcome to comicvine" crap.


Batman's fighting style

Does Batman have a particular fighting style? I mean spiderman has his little way of the spider and cap. has his fighting style. Shouldn't Batman have an ultimate fighting style given the fact that he is the master of all martial arts? He knows every fighting styles strengths and weaknesses so he should probably create his own.


Batman vs. Hitman

Hitman is targeting Bruce Wayne and is currently in Wayne Manor. Bruce is aware of this. Rules:

  • No Morals
  • Fight to the death
  • Both incorporates Stealth in combat
  • And to make it fair Bruce and Hitman have access to the Batcave

Who wins?


The new Green Lantern

Hey guy's what do you think of the new GL? He seems like a true badass and he is also not what I'd expect from a normal green lantern. It's sad Hal jordan dies but do you think this new one lives up to his standards? Tell me what you think about him. Oh and don't say anything offensive.


Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye

I don't know if this is done already but I wanna see who wins and why. So here are the rules : Standard equipment and arrow has to hit the directly into the heart or there has to be a headshot.. Who wins?


TROLLING: Why it's funny sometimes and other times... Not so much

Have you ever been trolled by a person? For example you see someone posting something you want to talk about or have a casual argument about, then he /she snaps at you with every thing they've got just because you replied to their comment. Or has anyone wrote stupid stuff down just because they felt it was funny? Tell me what your experiences of trolling are. This may not actually be a battle but it somehow falls along the lines of this.