characters or cash-outs?

Dc last year came into the later months of the year and blew away any opposition to to them, with the epic reboots of their monthly titles.Marvel on the other hand had mini events such as "spider-island"and main events such as"schism"which were fairly good. Now I pose this question which is the better option, to let the stories flow naturally like Dc is currently doing and add the occasional appearance of conflicting characters(i.e,swamp thing/animal man,suicide squad/resurection man) or just constantly build up continuity like Marvel does to reach a cash-cow main-event such as "Avengers vs X-Men"? Personally, I care for character building stories which I think DC does very well such as Animal man,Aquaman and Red Hood.Marvel does this as well except to a small extent with Spider man and X-Force, however over the last six years of reading marvel I can't help but feel everything has been built for the use in the Main annual events,but that's just me. Anyway,leave comments tell me what you think, I'll post questions every now and then.



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She-Hulk 100%
Tall, strong, She-Hulk will show you a night on the town. Make sure you're a perfect gentleman. You don't want to make her angry...or have her sue you. Be sure to do your stretches before you date. Remember, she dated the Juggernaut before. Make sure your home is ensured.
Me-ow! Catwoman will scratch your itch. She's good with a whip and has recently become a MILF!
Psylocke might show you her sensitive Betsy Bradock side. If she does you're a lucky guy. Otherwise watch out, you're in for the night of your life.
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch has altered the probabilities and has given you a chance to date her. If you're into chaos, magic, and tight corsets, she's the girl for you. Just be careful, you might find yourself in an alternate reality...or dead if your date goes poorly.
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