Lovely & Deadly Fem-me Fa-tales, Heroines, & Ladies

The best ladies the comic universe have to offer. Plus My Personal Favorites

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Posted by Renee


Posted by CombatSpoon86
Thanks, It's hard to think of my favorites, If you can think of something I might of left out that I would love, feel free to input
Posted by VenomMagus

Its funny, cuz with all of the "My Fav Babes" lists like this one, we tread a fine line between outright sex appeal (Vampirella) to wholesome nerd girl next door (Wasp, Invisible Woman).  I have to say, however, that you, unlike me, have the hoozits to back a list like this, so I cannot help but give you a big 2 thumbs way up!
Posted by SC

Wow, heh, this list is great! You covered like my top ten characters, as I was curious whether any of them would have missed out. Amazing bunch of cool characters, nice! Great taste and selection! 

Posted by CombatSpoon86
Thanks dude, yea each one of them over the years has really truly appreciate the characters. It's hard remembering it all, heck I probably forgot someone. Emma and Jean have to be my two top favorites, the rest think about it and they're alot of favorites lol.
Posted by CombatSpoon86
Thanks, I'm glad I appreciate the same taste of women characters as you do. If I may ask, Which ones are your top 10?
Posted by jrock85

Its rare to find people who like both Jean and Emma.

Posted by Jya666

Great list :))