Favorite Villains

Grew up or learned to love each one of these villainous characters

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Posted by Chesapeake

Awesome list
Posted by VenomMagus

Most of these guys (girls/etc) I know.  Like, who is so-and-so's main villian(s)? Why its blah-blah-blah.  But some of them seem *really* new to me.  Its all good in the hood, as no one says anymore, and the list is a good one to be sure.  Keep it rocking!
Posted by CombatSpoon86
Thanks, Do you have some favorite villains
Posted by CombatSpoon86
Yeah its a who whos there, I grew up with half off them, but the rest I learned to love when I got back into reading comics. I just feel like I'm missing somebody but just don't know who, too many lol.
Posted by Liberty

How about Harley

Posted by CombatSpoon86
Thanks, I know I forgot alot more. Thanks for bringing it to my attention
Posted by Video_Martian

thumbs up for including the rogues! =D

Posted by CombatSpoon86
thanks, I'm a huge rogues fan. Only reason why I read flash is bc of them.