A Tale of Two Batmen

I know Batman Inc just started and I know things change all the time in the comic world. But these are just my initial gut reactions:

I must say I personally am not happy with this decision to keep Dick Grayson as the real Batman while Bruce travels the world hiring new recruits. Bruce Wayne IS Gotham's Batman. Period. The only way Batman should be replaced is with the death of Bruce Wayne. He's not dead, he was sent back in time. All is right with the world once again...or is it... 

OK first let me say if anyone SHOULD replace Batman (upon Bruce's death) it should be Dick. And while the world thought Batman was dead I couldn't be any prouder of what Dick accomplished under the cowl. But mission accomplished, Bruce is back, it's time to step down. I think my biggest complaint is just the pure logistics of the whole thing. 

So Bruce is back and he wants to go around the world setting up Batman franchises across the globe. Fine that sounds like a great idea. But why is Bruce going? Shouldn't Dick be the one doing the sales pitch? Dick IS the first Batman franchise. He is the first person other than Bruce to be Batman. He’s the poster boy of Batman Inc. Col Sanders doesn’t personally open every KFC franchise, he’s the founder, he lets his employees handle that part of the business. Bruce should be back handling business in the home office. 

And Dick doesn’t really have any ties to Gotham like Bruce does. Dick left Gotham and went to Blüdhaven and Blüdhaven became his home. Then Blüdhaven got destroyed. Now Dick is a man with no home. Sounds like a perfect candidate to travel the globe and sell Batman member buttons to me. He’s got nothing to hold him down. We don’t even need to begin to explain how Bruce is tied to Gotham for eternity. 

So that’s why I’m worried. I recently got back into comics and Batman was the first place I went to. I picked right up where my childhood left off with Bruce Wayne. And then Dick takes over the core title for a while and I still enjoyed it. But now Bruce is back. He is my Batman. I want to read about him in Batman and then I can enjoy watching Dick spearheading the Batman Inc movement around the world. 

Please DC. Make my world right again...

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Posted by Theodore
@CombatCraigFM: Bruce will be back but give it time.
Posted by johnny_spam

Batman The Dark Knight will focus on Bruce's connection to Gotham though on a character level it might not be the book for me but David Finch has said it is about him and Gotham. It makes some sense for Bruce to go all over the world since he was the one that went through time he saw the beginning and the ending that must change your perspective on things and I think it very much is in Bruce's character to look around and think he can do more. 

Posted by jasraj

Dick is no Batman 
It is Bruce

Posted by batman_is_god

I always thought Dick becoming Nightwing was him becoming his own man. Now he just comes off as a Batman poser, but anyone else that ever steps under his cowl will come off as a Batman poser.  
Terry is somewhat of an exception, since he is different in more than just personality, his abilities (due to the suit) are completely different too. 
Anyway, read Batman Confidential. It is a monthly series that takes place early in Batman's career, so continuity is never a big deal. It is an extremely easy series to just jump into if you love Batman. Read #50, this month's first, because a 5 issue arc starts there. Or wait 4 months to start. Also, The Dark Knight will also be a monthly Batman series that focuses on what is going on with Batman today.
Posted by daredevil21134

Bruce Wayne is the real Batman anyone else under the cowl is a poser.Just the thought of Dick's voice in the Batman costume sounds wrong I mean imagine Neil Patrick Harris voice in the Batman costume lol
Posted by hydrabob--defunct

I think that Bruce will return to gotham and send Dick somewhere else once he gets all of his other Batmen (man that sounds weird) under control
Right now Dick is the best man for the job he was in gotham for a while and probably knows alot about it and where the scum like to hang out
Dick is fine for now but seeing as there are going to be a lot more Batman around I don't see any point in Dick going back to Nightwing since he would kinda be Bruce's Right Bat (haha)

Posted by yankeemanf

i think bruce and dick at this point r equal as batmen and i have no problem with dick bein batman as i would have no problem seein tim drake as batman cuz imo they r all equals in more ways than one