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I also live near san francisco and I do have lots of gay co workers and gay friends. I am ok with rebooting or improving old characters to keep up with the times. All old characters will need changes about every 5-10 years.

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The old customers tend to be against reboots and retcons including reboots to become gay. DC needs these reboots and retcons to find new customers.

I don't worry too much about gay Alan Scott and I worry more about those rats eating the crotch of Jay Garrick. ouch.

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I am ok with dc improving their old products to try to find new customers and sometimes you do have to let go of old customers to catch the new customers. I like the post-flashpoint reboots bec. they have also allowed old dead characters to come back such as Terry Sloane. I also agree with the no history approach which is good for the new customers. Dc comics seems to be trying to more realistic like Marvel so we should see more realistic depictions of gays, and maybe also some politics and some religions. It is hard to keep out politics and religions out of realistic stories.

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Many corporations seem liberal probably bec. this helps them make more money by catering to large segments of the customers : hispanics about 20% of america, African Americans about 10% of america, gays about 3% to 8% of america, etc. Many corporations are also global corporations and want to market to more than 200 plus countries with various types of people. My impression is that dc is looking to the future of new customers and know the old customers are fast disappearing.

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I prefer dc to reboot Jade and Obsidian on main earth. Jade don't have to be related to Obsidian and don't have to be related to Alan Scott. I perceive the main earth to be more important and would like to see rebooted Jade and rebooted Obsidian on main earth. As for Wally West, I prefer Wally West on his own alternate earth where he is the first Flash similar to how Jay is the first Flash on earth 2 and Barry is the first Flash on main earth, then do a 3 earth team up.

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Post-flashpoint, the rules seem to be : no wives, no kids, more African Americans, more gays, etc. with a few exceptions. Old fans who grew up during pre-coie probably are not that used to changes but post-coie, reboots every year have been quite normal. If I were inventing Hal Jordan and Power Ring right now, maybe I would make them gay too. Old characters do need changes to keep up with the times, and stuff from golden age and silver age can't really be immune to updates and improvements and changes.

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Maybe Batman should just clone himself and take over the whole planet ?

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Batman needs his own secret organization to fight global threats and other global groups. Maybe Batman should try to expand his Batman Inc to cover all the known universes and all the dimensions.

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Any group like a government or even our own human body have a different type of morality from that of individuals and groups have to routinely sacrifice members for the good of the group. Suicide Squad is a good title to showcase the interesting villains of DC and even villains can be heroic obviously and even villains are born with the capacity to make sacrifices for groups as we are social animals. Governments in trying to protect countries can do seemingly evil things in times of war, spy wars, dangerous missions, etc.

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For a realistic vigilante show, they need to emphasize the brains and money and technology of the vigilante. The arrows won't be useful most of the time and should be used more as symbols of Robin Hood, Arrow should be fighting like Punisher or Batman most of the time rather than relying on primitive arrows.