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I feel like it was an interesting arc for her to be powerless but now it's tired. Her powers are actually very unique and she is a great leader. Back in the day she was the tactical one, Sam was the brotherly friend, and they made such a good combination as co-leaders. When they separated, both grew into the others' strength and they are both more complete. They play off each other so well that I would love to see them co-leading an X-related team (but please ditch the AoA rejects X-Man and Blink who did not fit and sunk that last NM run in my opinion, along with the loss of Sam and Illyana). As I see a new NM series as unlikely in the near future, I'd at least like to see Dani and Sam reintegrated into the X-Men as full time members somehow.

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Obviously this book is controversial, but I like it. I felt no attachment to any of the characters at the beginning and none of the deaths have upset me yet. But I do like the Braddock Academy kids as characters and I have enjoyed the series immensely.

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@shackle said:

Hope's name should be Deus Ex Machina; it would be more honest. She's not a character, she's an instant plot point.

Totally agree. But now the plots are over and she seems like surplus. Too bad she didn't die in AvX. I for one, cannot stand her. I'm glad she's at least not the focus of everything any more. I tend not to like iterations of the original. Although she's not related to Jean, physically she's a knockoff and that's enough for me to dislike her.

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By FAR the blue costume was the best. Needs some streamlining/updating though. Jim Lee did a pretty good job with it in his series of early 90s X-Men cards. The yellow and blue one is just so generic and she looks like a student. Can't believe they haven't taken her out of that thing yet.

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Have been dying to know where these folks will end up.

Moonstar -- hope she is re-powered and in action!

Magik - on the run

Karma/Cannonball/Sunspot - in action on Astonishing/Avengers/Avengers

Cypher/Magma - hope they stay active, neither has been of significance between the 80s and Wells' run, so they could use some more game time.

Warlock - meh

Blink/ Nate Grey - they don't really count as abominations of the last 25 issues and not real NM characters; hopefully they disappear to their alternate realities

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I'd read it but I'm not sure how well it would do. She's a great char as a sort of 'everyman'. But she's had a lot of solo miniseries-- Kitty Pryde and Wolverine (really a Kitty story where Wolverine appears); Mekanix, Kitty Pryde: Agent of Shield, Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame, and Pryde & Wisdom. Some of these are better than others. But with good art and writing, any character is viable!

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I actually was reading this miniseries a few weeks ago and found I quite enjoyed it-- but I loved the X-Men at this time. The lineup was so consistent-- the core of Colossus, Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat stayed together for a good long run.

I think Kitty is currently being underused in Wolverine & the X-Men. It's sort of unrealistic for her to be running a school for aliens. I prefer her in costume, kicking butt, not scolding kids just slightly her junior.

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I liked the idea of picking a leader from this team who have grown up with Xavier's dream. Some past leaders of the X-Men have been absolute jokes to me as they are way too unstable (Rogue, Gambit). Part of leadership is supporting the team emotionally, not just in combat. 
In the first run of New Mutants, Dani was the battle "chief" and Sam was the one people leaned on, and the editors acknowledged this is why they made great co-leaders in the letters page. Dani was deemed by Xavier to have the equivalent tactical ability of Cyclops at a similar age.
In X-Force, there seemed to be a role reversal. I do hope Dani returns to being Mirage and gets her powers back, as they are unique and fun. Sam shouldn't be a bumpkin but overall I do think Dani is the more capable leader.