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Thanks @jamesewelch and @Cosizzle, I think I'm going to build a script to accompany the API to figure it out, based on last update, amount of issues in the volume and things like that. It won't be perfect, I can think of a dozen titles that will slip through as limited-series because the publisher loves delays. But it'll be something. 
Again, thanks for the help ...

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Thanks Cosizzle,  
Where does it mention what type of volume it is, 'Mini Series', Limited', 'One-Shot' etc ... ?   
I can't see anything in the API suggesting these attributes. Does it exist?

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Is there a way to get the type of Volume ie: Limited Series, One-Shot from the API? 
This would make searching for something like "Spider-Man" a lot easier. I'm working on implementing the API on and a search like that currently brings back hundreds of matches. Would be great to separate the results into the Volume types; Mini-Series, Limited, One-Shots etc ... Is this data even captured by Comic Vine? 
Hope all is well your side of town. 


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Donald and Scrooge #1, worth nothing but the story kills me.   
Batman #22, I traded almost 100 comics for this baby back in the 90s. The guy was a McFarlane nut, I walked away with a stunning copy of Batman he had my swag of Spideys. 
Ironically enough, I did lose one comic in a house fire. I grabbed a dog instead of a 8.0 Amazing Spider-man #2. I think I made the right choice ...