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Isn't Miss Arrow,... M arrow.

Former Morlock and X-men member?

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Should the Defenders and Secret Defenders be considered the same team?

The original Defenders were a loose knit team of heroes that worked together to stop many mystical/world conquery sort of threats. The membership had several core members like Dr. Strange, Namor, Nighthawk, Hulk, Valkyrie and Hellcat with several other guest star members. In the later 40 issues the team was almost exclusively Beast, Angel, Iceman, Gargoyle, and Valkyrie.

Whereas the Secret Defenders had no base of operation and was simply a strike force chosen on a case by case basis.

I've always though of them as two seperate entities.

Does the Secret Defenders deserve to be seperate?

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Lilin should be a team, as the other races have been organized, and not as an individual.

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Maybe people don't always have an opinion about what they view? To post without having something of value to add to the discussion seems wasteful.

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Wow, Can we get Amazing Spider-man combined in some fashion.

There seems to be 3 series for essentially the same comic, albeit this is some renumbering that marvel did but its currently in 3 places.


2nd Series

More of the 2nd Series

From a continuity standpoint the issues should be going...


Then 1-44

Then there is a dual numbering mess from 45/486-58/499

Then its 500 onward.

Essentially this is one continous series as the numbering has reasserted itself to the original (1963) publication numbering.

It would probably be best if they were combined into one series and renumbers continously from 1-539 with a note in the issue description to provide for the 1-58 renumbering.

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Rachael Summers is currently using the name Marvel Girl. You can find her profile there.

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That's what my wife suggested to me.

The problem as I see it is that Jean Grey (as she has an individual entry), will not be listed as appearing in the early issue of X-men as those are listed to Marvel Girl. SHould both be listed? Or does that just make things worse?

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I'm looking at old X-men issues, most list Marvel Girl as one of the appearing members. Which makes sense because Jean Grey was Marvel Girl for quite a while. However if you click the link, it takes you to Marvel Girl, who is now Rachel Summers.

So technically if people are looking for references for Marvel Girl (Rachel) they might look in really old X-men issues when her first appearance is Uncanny X-men #141.

Should all mantle characters have reference to earlier wielders?

It seems that people come to Comic Vine as a reference to find which comic a character appears in could be hopelessly lost if looking for mantle characters like:

Marvel Girl

Captain Marvel

Captain America


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Can we get: Boom! Studios added to the list of publishers. I want to add my copy of Cthulhu Tales.

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baycent54 says:

"How does a poster get to nominate a character for a particular category?"

You go to the particular entry, in this case Wasp, edit the page and add Insanely Rich as a power.