A request for whatever publishers wants my money

With the new trend of continuing TV shows in comics books after they go off the air (Buffy and Smallville), I have a request for someone else to try and run with a television show that just never got to reach it's full potential: Babylon 5. More specifically the spin-off Crusade. I think the B5 universe is ripe to be mined for new stories and it could be done without worrying about budget to limit scope or effects.

I, for one, would love to see someone take the reigns and run with the very large unfinished storyline as well as creating something new. The possibility for truly epic storytelling is there. Anyone else like to see this happen?

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The curse of the shared universe

The shared universe. The idea that all of the books published by a given publisher happen in the same reality. In the early days of comics this approach made sense. Why not do it?

The problem is now that these universes keep getting bigger and bigger and the same characters appear in more and more books every month it becomes a mess that is weighed down by it's own continuity. The end result is the type of thing DC has done twice now: reboots. Periodically the weight of this continuity becomes so heavy that the decision is made to throw it. The other alternative is the ever-popular retcon to fix the problems.

What if characters were instead pushed into a quasi-shared universe? Batman, for example, would have his own book and in the world of his book there would be a Superman. Not the Superman that appears in his book, but A Superman that could be altered in any way needed to fit the needs of Batman's book. The same could be done with team books. Captain America could be an Avenger, but the Avenger's book doesn't really affect Captain America's book.

Would this be a recipe for a new age of creativity or disaster?

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Marketing 'opportunities' and comics today

I was catching up on Brightest Day and I noticed something that bothered me a bit: there are a lot of 'action figure' moments in that book. A lot.
What is and action figure moment? It's a scene in a comic book where something unlikely happens to a character's appearance for all of about three panels. These three panels invariably spur the creation of at least one action figure.

 You know this will be an action figure soon.
Most of the time these little costume changes serve little to no actual purpose in the story beyond a weird form of fan service. Some people like underwear and some people want to see Batman with a power ring.
Recently this trend has started to become really obvious to me and, frankly, takes away some enjoyment from me when I know they're only doing it to be able to make a flashy cover or add something new to the Heroclix line.
Spider-Man. Now with shiny armor!
In the spirit of fairness, both of the big two are guilty of this and they've done it for years.
So am I being overly sensitive or is this a trend that cheapens comics?

Make for me... a game!

I want a video game that takes the formula of the Ultimate Alliance games and merges it with the gameplay of Dragon Age or Mass Effect. Maybe there will be a nice dinner and some wine involved. Maybe they'll go straight for Jagermeister shots.
I don't know.
All I know is that I want a comic book-based game where I can make real decisions that shape the story. Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 are close, but they seem to stop short of really letting you shape the game beyond a few little details here and there. I would also like to see the squad-based combat overhauled a bit. You can still get by quite nicely with a lot of button-mashing in UA. It would be nice to see a little bit of finesse added.
Maybe I'm being too picky. Maybe I'm spoiled now, but I want another superhero game I can get stoked about. Make it happen.



Between the stuff I do here and the board game and video game site I contribute too things got a bit lost. So I'll be doing more wiki work here as I find it a lot more rewarding than entering yet another version of Final Fantasy. So, after doing thorough searches before ever entering anything, I'll start digging back into the comic vault and entering the weirdo crud that everyone else has overlooked so far.


You should check out the wiki tasks

I've done a few of them so far, mostly the ones that required a total re-write, and it's kinda fun to do. So if you decide you hate the entries for Sinestro, Scott Lang or Wrath, you can blame me.
I had to dig more than a few issues out to do it and, in the case of Wrath, discovered some story gems I had never seen before.


Imma blogger now

I suppose I could write a whole long thing about how I really don't have anything to write about, but I think instead I'll just read some comics tonight.
That should be fun.