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I'm sure a lot of avid Iron Man fans know this already, and it may have already been posted but while I was flipping through tv channels and came across Iron Man the movie. It was at the point when Raza, or the bald leader of the terrorist group that kidnapped Tony, makes his first appearance. And I saw his hand, and more interestingly the thing on his hand.


Well more importantly the ring. Which fits in with this:

Which then brings up the question, how did Raza not know how to use this ring to defeat Tony?

For me personally, I'm not really an Iron Man fan, but when I saw it for myself it was pretty cool to see how they would make the tie-in from the first movie to the next upcoming one.

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@ApatheticAvenger said:

@PrinceIMC said:

@Colby_Cheese: I kinda hope Cipher, Surge, Prodigy, the Cuckoos, Chamber, Husk, Mercury, Hellion and Rockslide join up with Cyke's team.

Prodigy isn't at the school, and will actually be joining with the Young Avengers. Surge and the Cuckoos are strong possibilities, as they've always been loyal to Cyclops. Hellion and Rockslide will likely stay at the school, where they chose to go after Schism.

Husk also isn't at the school, she left after Kitty made her take a leave of absence and we haven't seen her since.

I think Rachel and Nate might be a strong possibility, but even if they don't go it would be interesting to see the dialouge that takes place.

btw Speaking of which where's Elixier? And is Nate even at the school, or is he off with the New Mutants, seperate from Logan and Cyke?

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In a totally unrelated topic, did anyone else notice that Sinister named Nate Grey after himself? Jus saying.... );

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What happens next?!

Who do you think will join?

or for that matter

Who do you want to see join?

I'm not going to lie when I read this page, I had goosebumps.Talk about heating up the already on fire Uncanny X-Men.

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@BritishMonkey said:

@leokearon: This. Really want this a lot more.

Is it even released yet?

The only bad thing I would say about the figure is that the gauntlet and his shinguards are loose, but comapred to the rest of the figure it is an easily forgettable thing. Again I bought my from dorksidetoys from ebay. :D

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@leokearon: I found mine on ebay from dorksidetoys (on ebay and own website), personally I like him better its a good price, cheap shipping, for me since I live so far away, and if you really pay attention to what he releases you can get the figure without packaging so its a little less, which in my case is always a good thing to try and save a couple buck here and there.

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I have a question that I missed during the episode, and that was the tattoo, and why Merle suddenly stopped hassling Daryl after he saw it. I apologize ahead of time as I do not follow the comic books.

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In the Ultimate Universe Thing killed him after he caused the Ultimatum