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I got what I paid for in this, Young Scott learning to be his own man by spending time with his dad, and slowly learning what he's capable of. His one optic blast for three baddies was badass.

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I gotta say

I'm hoping another artist will take this off of Bachalo's hands

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Peter Parker is the kind of superhero that I feel couldn't live with the consequences of being a leader. He's the guy who will go head first instead of barking orders and potentially sending someone into a gravely dangerous situation. He has the experience and the know how, but like the recent Superior stint shows that in Peter's life, he isn't the type to take things into his own hands, least with certain things.

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I very much enjoyed this wrap up, the fight scenes were solid despite the Gladiator's continuous madness and the new powers Jean displayed were wicked (though by the looks of it, seems like her emotions will get the better of her soon enough ) Out of most of it I liked young Cyclops, he's really growing in a way that seems very different from his present day counterpart. Thank god he buries the hatchet with Jean Grey, acknowledging that how much he loves her, loving her has only led to trouble for the two of them and the rest of the X-Men. I'm amped to see his adventures with Corsair.

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I always figured Christopher would be the one to heal the phoenix altered powers of the X-Men. That or maybe if he could grant healing to someone, he could do the opposite and hurt people.

Have you read the recent issues, after her little time jump Eva seems terrified of his touch, I'm guessing that's why.

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Not exactly the best use of his ability, wouldn't you say? I'm more interested if he could do things like see infrared, heat signatures, etc.

Nevertheless would be a funny addition to his presence in comics.