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Posted by PowerHerc

Nice choices, from one Hercules fan to another.

Posted by PowerHerc

I haven't read the Wonder Girl story or the Superman - True Brit (this one intrugues me, though).

As for the others, I really enjoyed the entire Incredible Hercules series, Hercules: Fall of an Avenger and Terra was entertaining, too. The New Prince of Power wasn't all that great, imo, but it was worth it because it brought Hercules back.

I want to read the Ultimates stuff you have here, but I have'nt got them yet. The Savage Dragon is always good because of Erik Larsen's passion for telling action-packed stories in the 60's and 70's mold.

Posted by CodeSaint

True Brit is a Superman with help of John Cleese,if you like Monthy Python movies and Supes you will sure like that.The Wonder Girl mini has a good develpment after Zeus disappeared,DC's Herc tries to recruit the female furies to help thinking he could use her to help but it doesn't go the way he planned and it backfires.The artwork is a lot cartoony but it isn't bad. 
And Prince of Power folowed the formula of Amadeus searching for an ingredient and Vali gets them before.And I want to know what issue that shows the full fight that U!Thor was clobering(The Thing pun not intended) the U!Hulk..