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With trailers like this, Marvel should have NO trouble getting the hype train going after AoU, that looks AMAZING!!!! I really hope Corey Stroll delivers as Yellowjacket, because Marvel really needs more epic villains with Loki being the only real one of note and also because his stock will rise a lot and I think that he's a great actor!

Come on Ant-Man!

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Wait will this be a cartoon or live action, I'm hoping cartoon, because DC really really really nails those cartoons, until they cancel the show half way through the second season because they're not selling enough toys YET the have crazy high viewers!

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As a major Cap Fan, I'm loving the suit, it's a great combination of sleek and bulky, if that makes sense!!

Hawkeye is bringing back the trenchcoat suit, very cool, I hope that he has a slightly bigger role and that they make is bow, arrow and quiver cooler!

Thor doesn't look to different, but if it ain't broke.......

Ultron looks flipping amazing!! Super keen to find out if the Avengers will actually be able to defeat him, because from what I've read and watched he seems to just get knocked down and comes back!

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Am I the only here who feels that DC have no vision of what they want to do with their cinematic universe! I mean with Marvel they seemed to have stuff planned all the way until 2028 (

But with DC they're like "As for a potential Wonder Woman movie, there's currently no plans, but WB's executives are "warm" to the idea. Sue Kroll, president of worldwide marketing, added, "with the right script, that could be viable. The world is ready for her." and that is for one of the FOUNDING MEMBERS of the JL, to me that screams of no vision, who knows maybe she was lying and they are already casting for the movie but overall the vibe ain't that confident.

Having Snyder direct that movie too seems so ridiculous, because we will have the same style for 2 very different movies! not cool DC!

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I trust Zack!! He knows what he is doing;.....and lets be honest, he's a good actor....

PS: google heath ledge joker announcement reaction to see how that worked out! pretty well I'd say!

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Yea, If you could just renew Young Justice with a third season, that would be great DC/CN!

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@ThreadPool: It's things like Roy/Speedy evolution that mamke this show so awesome, so many characters, yet they all get just enough screen time to give them justice

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I love this show!!! It shows that Star Wars is not just about huge battle, but small political and tactical fights! Great show!!

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I will definitely end up watching this because I love everything comic! But I can't help but feel a little bit dissappointed by Marvel's efforts. At first glance, this movie doesn't look like it'll come close to being as good as the like of DC's Justice League Doom or Superman vs The Elite or All-Star Superman. Those movies just oozed class and really caught the essence of the types of heroes that they portrayed, unfortunately Marvel just doesn't seem to have that ability like DC does. Which is really weird because they seem to be able to be able to do that in live-action movies where they actually have to find REAL people to pull off their vision, but when it comes to animation, where the have nearly total control over the whole movie, they struggle.

This seems to be the case with their cartoons aswell. Marvel/Disney really should get their act together because with the wealth of story arcs they have at their disposal they should be pumping out epic animated movies!

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The First Punisher was SOOOOO dope!!! I haven't read TONS of the comics but everything I have read was in line with the comics......TJ was pretty much just like FC and to be honest the 2nd Punisher movie was terrible!