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whats the point in reading origin stories, if by this time next year, half the cast might not even exist, let alone this book still being in continuity?

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yet, no one seems to complain about her costume being so skin tight you can see her bellybutton in one cover, & looks like a bit of nip in the first one.

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wow, her mouth looks really big in that pic.

How can an Egyptian queen be a modern day Latina? Its just as bad as having Hector Hall be white. As for Hawkgirl, she is, has & always will be a sidekick. Might as well have Cassandra Cain. If they want to have a Latina for diversity, why not cast her as the Lorena Marquez Aquagirl?

& one of those three new chracters have to be Cassandra Sandsmark or the Fury, Helena Kosmatos or Lyta Trevor. The Wonder woman family has to be used in some shape or form, we got a Supergirl show for some reason, we have Robin AND Batgirl taking over the Titans show, some Amazons have to be attacking the live-action format in some way.

Or an Aquagirl or maybe the female Red Tornado.

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Why on Earth-2 did General Lane build his daughter inside a sexy robot body with such huge boobs?

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Art looks horrible.

& whyhave two females on the cover, fighting, if you do not make an alternate variant cover of two female characters tearing off each others costumes, & another rarer cover of them kissing & making up because of the miss-understanding?

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why is Castle not the Punisher? Doesnt make any sense? Gwen getting bit instead of Peter would have NO affect on that. Its like saying that Prof. Xavier became Iron-Man in her universe. Why do comic book writers alway F this stuff up. The rest of the universe would stay exactly the SAME, EXCEPT for what Peter would have done as Spidey. Sure, Peter could become evil, & her main rival. Norman could stay as a good guy, & even marry Gwen & they raise their twins happily. But let me guess, Namor is the Black Panther. & Matt Murdock leads the Fantasic-Five. Mary Parker is alive, the director of SHIELD, & dumped Richard for May Reilly. Ben still gets shot, & Richard is arrested for stalking Mary-Jane. Because Spider-Gwen.

& could we please get Silk in here ,always trying to mate with Spider-Gwen.

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Hey lady, we are kids dieing of cancer here, kinda got more important things to worry about than how you feel you might have been objectified on a crappy T&A tv show.

Also, shitty art in general.

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That is probly the best Spider-Hottie costume ever. Not perfect, but close. The top needs to be a little smaller, not enough cleavage shown of her superboobs, & we need more mid-riff shown. Instead, of shorts, she should be wearing a pair of panties that , along with her boots, should have the spider suit pattern on it.

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ew, no one cares about Spider-Token. Have him & Jessica Drew go on a mission together on a boat, blow it up, & bring in Spider-Gwen.

Also, since Gwen got bit instead of Peter in her universe, do she have a version of Silk? & could we please get her & Silk working together, with some kissing once in a while?

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How long until Olive suits up in a skin-tight bat suit as the newest Batgirl?

Or, because its different, the book gets canceled & she get brutally murdered & gets chopped up into little pieces & left on stately Wayne manor's front door in a nice little box left by Black Mask?