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Its like in TV. The season builds to a finale, which is usually a cliffhanger, that connects into the following season's premire. & it works. Using Star trek as an example, I really couldnt care less if I missed an episode of TNG. So what? It didnt matter. & ultimatly after 7 years & two movies, all that happened was they blew up the D & got the E to fight the Borg. Same with early DS9 & Voyager.

Buffy always built to a final confrontation.

A comedy like 30Rock, Friends, or the American Office can just be a bunch of 100+ episodes. But a show about heros has to build to something.

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will the 6billion dollar woman show up?

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I cant wait to see someone take this new, practical costume & just hyperly oversexualize it. Because her costume covered 99% of her body, & only looked like it was body paint over her very large boobs & sucked into her belly button because someone drew it that way.

& another thing, this word REALISM, please LOSE it when talking about superhero comics. She is a lady with spider powers fighting aliens. But YES, lets have her dressed realisticly. You know what would REALly happen if Jessica was exposed to WTF ever gave her powers? It would probly kill her, or give her cancer. Thats REALISM for you.

Whatever, its the same basic design. Just not sexualised, assuming that was an issue to anyone. If it sells more comics, it worked, if not her book will get canceled.

Now, can we just kill Jessica & bring back the REAL Spiderwoman Julia Carpenter?

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I liked 9. Tenant just annoyed me when he got all goofy. Like that timey-wimy stuff. Maybe its because 10 was around for so long, that I just got tired of him. Wish we got more 9. & more of 11.

But then I hear that Chris doesnt want to remembered as a Doctor, he wanted to leave after one season & it wouldnt surprise me if the War Doctor was originally supposed to be 9. But yes, with comics & I'd prefer, animation, we could get more stories of the various doctors, especially the older ones who cant really do much on screen. Plus, they wont be around for ever, they should try & get as much out of them as possible.

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is it too early to say I am already sick of the Infinity Gems & Thanos, & want the Marvel movie-Verse to move on? On their own, Thor & Captain America movies are NOT that good, & really this entire thing is held together by the Avengers movie & IronMan. So I doubt Panther Antman or MsMarvel will be any better. & then Marvel will screw everything up by miss-handling DrStrange, we ALL know they'll make his "magic" be advanced alien tech like Smallville did with Lana the Witch.

& then lets not even start with how DC will muck up everything.

So hopefully Marvel DOES keep GOG as seperate from the Avengers as possible. & they should do that with DrStrange & the magical side as well. & another thing, keep Spiderman OUT of the Avengers realted movies.

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Ew, I hate Cisco, & he is the worst part of the show. Cant she kill him & seduce the Killer out of Kaitlyn.

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they need to resolve the whole Archie love triangle by either them becoming a threesome, or Betty & Veronica getting together

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Ew, we all know this is being done for the Avengers2 movie. Why the hell do they have to use Quicksilver & SW & not just use the Fenris twins? Other than the fact they'll turn good in the movie.

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At first I thought in that Superman/ww cover with the Power couple fighting the minotaurs that they changed WW's costume & her belt was actually an exposed midriff. Which would be a Hot costume.

Guess I'm the only one who does not like the movie poster variants. After all, DC does NOT have good movies. Yet.

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@drellassassin said:

Crazy how quickly Spider-Gwen has caught on.


1: Spiderman 3 had that awesome scene with her & Blacksuit Peter dancing

2: Spidey & Gwen in both ASM movies & especially #2, is the second best on-screen couple after Ironman/Pepper

3: MJ is over rated to begin with, & other than her upside down kiss , no one really cared about her. Plus, in the first movie, she survives the Goblin attack, while Gwen did not.

4: the costume is pretty cool looking.

5: get this, Men actually LIKE female characters more than to just Fapping at their huge boobs & skimpy costumes, despite what the vocal fem-Nazis want you to think.