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I wish DC would have Kara be introduced in the New52 as a member of the RLC or even a green, hell any color, but have her use a Lantern & let Linda Danvers or Cir-El be Supergirl.

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Atomic Woman has a fappable costume. I seem to like her alt costumes more than her default bathing suit. Not sure if this or Amazonia is now my fav. But who is the chick with the claws in the first pic, & the chick with the mask in the top of pic 2?

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this guy can NOT draw faces, but I dont think that was his main focus. I just wish she'd put Destro's helmet ON. ASAP. Who is the chick with the facepaint next to Batman in Future's end?

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At least they didnt have Odin get all Zeus-y with a wing-back piece of ass. Very He-Man like.

Still rather they just introduce her as a top tier character, & just use christian mythology, just like how Marvel uses it with Thor or Hercules. Have her join the Avengers. She doesnt need, nor IMO deserve, to be shoe-horned into Thor's side of the Marvel-verse.

I dont have a problem with the christan involment in Norseland , I mean I have a who's who issue that says there is a rainbow bridge between Asgard & Olympus, plus I got no problem with "those" troublesome religions getting bashed.

I dont think this really disregards or confuses anything with her Image backstory. Yet.

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I'd rahter Stephnaie Brown make a name for herself as the one & only Spoiler, than one of the Batgirls. Sure, her ,Harper etc will probly never get any real mainstream attention unless they are Batgirls, but then again Cassandra Cain never got much attention either as a batgirl. Huntress has had more tv exposure.

Keep Spoiler as away from the Batname as possible, so that maybe Stephanie can suit up as Spoiler on Arrow/Flash or Constantine. Hell, can we please get Selena Kyle removed from the Gotham show & have a young Stephanie instead?

You know, one relevant thing nowadays is taking nude selfies to send to her BF. She's the daughter of the the commisioner. Seems to me someone is gonna want to hack her phone. & if Batgirl becomes a public figure, there is gonna be parody sex videos etc.

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I did not like him on TP. Now, I did not like the show that much either, & figured it would be canceled, but I did want John & that little girl Charlotte to get spun-over somehow into Arrow, as they could still play people with powers being collected by a government agency for a meta-army. Maybe bring Steven's mom as well. But this guy was horrible. He is the cousin of Arrow? Guess we know which branch all the acting talent went to.

Actually though, it kinda sounds like they could still have professor Stein & just recycle TP's story of Steven being manipulated by an older guy that he kinda sorta should be able to trust. In fact, just cast Jacob/Lucifer.

Now, if we could only get Chloe, Tess Mercer & Smallville-Luthors to show up in the DC-TV-Verse.

Recast Justin Hartley as Aquaman. Or as HalJordan because of FerrisAir.

& if we can get Laura Vandervout wearing something skimpy, that'd be nice. I'd like her to play LibertyBelle, or Jessie Chambers.

Also, a bit off topic, but I really wish they'd rename the characters of KatieCassidy & Emily. BlackCanary really should be her own show, & its even more annoying now that Felicity & Firestorm could meet. Though I assume they'll just be step-siblings now.

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@batwatch said:

Anybody else for rioting until they restore pre-52 universe? Anybody? No? Guess it's just me. Hold on while I set my neighbor's car on fire.

I would not mind if the real characters returned & these alternate versions in this cross-over of the new52 ended, except for the occasional team-up or whatever for the next crisis. I remember getting into comics right before Marvel did the AOA & so thought it was the new permanent status-quo.


As for Grayson, super-spy, had they not already brought back Jason Todd, I'd rather this be how they did it. I do not like Jason using the RedHood name. I dont like characters taking over someone elses costume either, so I wouldnt want Jason to abondon the RedHood to replace Dick as Nightwing. Mainly because, we know Dick WILL be back to being Nightwing soon. & if not him, then some meat will be wearing the suit, & I dont like costumes being passed around. It cheapens them & weakens the franchise by giving the fans too much confusion. A big mistake in GL & Flash is that the fans have to try & figure out why there are now 5GLs, not even counting Alan or Jade, & 4 speeders. Plus, it doesnt help establish Jason if all he does is take over someone else's costume either.

But, whatever, its clearly an extended mission for Dick from Bats.

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@cade_calrayn said:

@vitalius: Well, since Nocenti's Catwoman was crap and wasn't cancelled for 30 issues, I'm not sure that will be true for this.

Catwoman is part of the Bat-franchise,so that alone will keep her books selling while a unknown nobody like Klarion will be lucky if he isnt cancelled by the time issue2 hits.

& honestly she is DC's second most famous female character after WonderWoman. So, I can see why DC would want to keep her book going for a while until something clicked. Which is why all of DC's movies fail, they re just a huge studio sell-out. Maybe not DC's fault, but WB's.

However, villains like Catwoman & Klarion should stay villains.

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as long as Elisebeth Batory is completely evil & in no way redeemable. Otherwise, its just disgusting, & you might as well have her form a "justice League" with Hitler, the superest hero of the modern world.

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I'd like Spider2099 if the story took place in 2099. Ok, maybe the 2099-verse did last, but why not just have every few months a 2099 comic coming out. Not everything can sustain a monthly on-going series for years, some with multiple related titles , but Marvel/DC need to realize that & just make a series for a few month, year or so & then end it. Not consider the character a failure & kill them off, only to reboot them a year later as a female or minority character.