Best Robin

Few have ever been taken on as Batman's protege but of those few that have been an honorary Robin nothing short of greatness has happened. At least every Robin that has "graduated" and gone on their own has lead their own team. Dick Grayson lead the Teen Titans and now Tim is their leader. Even Jason Todd has his own ragtag team of superheroes to command. While Damian is my least favorite of the Robins he certainly has the most potential for creating really interesting storyarcs. Eventually the little jerk will have to stop murdering people and finally choose who he wants to follow in his footsteps, his crazy terrorist mother or his vigilante father. I see no leadership potential in Damian whatsoever and of all the Robins he deserves his cowl the least. I would rather see Jason take on the mantle of Batman while still sporting his twin pistols and shooting up villans than have that lil twerp even so much as try on the cowl. The new 52 really screwed over Tim Drake (thats not even his real name apparently) and gave the credit for unmasking Bruce Wayne to Dick. And how did he deduce Batman's identity? He just looked at him! I shit you not. While Dick definitely deserves to wear the cape and cowl one day (he already has) Tim could make an excellent Batman. Hes the better detective and has even earned that honorary title from Ra's al Ghul. In the "Hush" storyarc Bruce even said he believes that Tim will one day be the world's greatest detective and surpass the Dark Knight himself. But the new 52 changed Tim into just another Robin and everything that made fans love him was erased but he will always be the best Robin.