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not gonna be many scans here... even less if youre talking current thor... he can do nothing without his hammer.....

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This is the first and best Thor fight:

this was when thor was might..

now marvel has him like a weak jobber

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@aaliyah: when written properly...

kurse and superman...


hulk or hercules... none could take classic thor

im sick of people saying hercules is stronger classic thor wiped the floor with him many times.

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he's craped on in every episode up to Hulk's day out.

however in that episode he claps the Hulk from the moon to the earth, leaving an indent of mjolnir in Hulk's face, knocking him out. as well as leaving him with a concussion and amnesia. the Hulk doesn't even remeber who he is.

it was nice to finally see Thor get some respect.

whats the episode called... video link??

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used to be strong... now he is weak.... .. he had trouble fighting humans in part one hand to hand...

in part 2 he could not even throw a punch against kurse.... he was lost wthout his hammer...

screw marvel.... for ruining the mighty thor.... weak and pathetic...

thaks to whoever posted those old scans.... so we can reminisce on when thor was indeed mighty...

screw marvel/disney

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it pains me to see thor depicted s weak its a disrespect to thor fans it too thor two hands to hold hulks one hand, thor and hulk are euals in strength as written by stan lee.... and it was so for so long that is what made their brawls epic..... now thor is soo punny and weak..... marvel disgusts me.....

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@thorson said:


@darthnowell said:

@cmartin: Why are you so obsessed with hand to hand combat? Why would he chose to not use a weapon? A strength feat is a strength feat with mjolnir or not, it doesn't add any strength.

Anyway he broke free of Gorr`s chains that had previously held hundreds (possibly) of other gods, some even as large as mountains. He also easily threw the core of a star (i think that was what it was) at the godbomb. And he hit Gorr pretty hard with his axe (it looked like it created a black hole or something, but that might just be the art being weird).

non-THOR fans and THOR haters complain about THOR only being able to fight with his hammer and not with his bare hands. its like their number 1 excuse to put down THOR.

If i wasnt a thor fan i wouldnt be on this page...... Im a thor fan NOT a thor FANBOY.... thor strength has been non existent ... he is the strongest of the norse gods but his strength 90% of the time is nonexistent... once he loses the hammer he loses the fight...

eg the fight with rulk rulk took the hammer (dumb story) after that thor was like handicapped couldnt throw a punch nothing...... got knocked out.... 7 successive blows.... he could do nothing... why ?/ he is ne of marvels strongest characters its embarrassing to see ..

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I am quite familiar with classic thor's feats.. of strength...

what has current thor without mjolnir.... that is strong feats of strength anything hand to hand thats what im asking

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According to the marvel power cards he is top ranked strengthwise in the 1000000ton club...

but i am struggling to find thor using his strength in the last 10 yrs....?

hes just like a really buff storm.... lightning and mjlonir... without his hammer he written to be weak .

can someone post any scans in the lats 15 yrs .. with thor doing anthing strong....????

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has thor done ANYthing without his hammer.... the way marvel write him... without his hammer he is literally nothing