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So sad. I'm a Hank & Jan fan. Looks like they're getting shafted and washed out of the movie continuity.

Here's hoping they don't retcon them out of being founding Avengers and Pym out of creating Ultron in the comics.

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Got this figure clearanced for $5 a while back. She's pretty useless in terms of articulation-- particularly in the legs. From her lack of thigh cuts and ankle rockers making her hips and double knees useless, to her lack of torso articulation, limited arm ROM, trigger fingers with no weapons, and somewhat softly sculpted face, this figure just perplexes. I know DST deals with limitations, but it's engineered against its own interest.

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People are voting for the guy who essentially allowed his city to die? Interesting.

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Lilly Caul from the Walking Dead. Not as an actual villain, but a reluctant and circumstantial antagonistic force. She was just trying to survive and ended up killing three major characters. Not only did she kill the protagonist's wife and daughter in an especially brutal and unexpected page, but in realizing what she'd done, she takes out her leader, the most recognizable antagonist in the franchise: the Governor. I actually adore that an ancillary character did this.

And yes. This post is only sort-of-tongue-in-cheek.

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I agree Tony, everybody complains about their favorite character being gone temporarily, but look at me, I have to deal with the fact that the name my favorite character had for over 70 years is going to be lost, and the fact that his powers, costume, personality, and origin story have all been changed (although I could deal with all of that if he just got his name back). I am honestly stunned by how upset people can be, especially when Superior Spider-Man has been so ineradicably amazing, and Nova, although not as ground breaking, has also been pretty good. So just count yourselves lucky your favorite hero doesn't go through what Captain Marvel is going through and enjoy the ride, because I sure as hell can't.

A Marvel By Any Other Name

The impractical thing about changing Cap's name to SHAZAM is that if he ever needs to say his name, he'd have to either be coy, or turn back into a kid. Heh.

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i love the art but i dont like the sign on red hulk's chest. its satanic.

Yeah, that symbol was in use long before the concept of "satanic" existed.
Also, an odd thing to object to in a story with Ghost Rider, when he (or at least some iterations of him) gets his powers from Mephisto, who storywise served as a stand-in for the christian devil character.

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Guys, show some love for Robocop!!!

The trailer was pretty good, I hope it makes good money!

Intensely disagree. Looks like it lacks any subtlety and charm.
The original film still holds up and is completely relevant to today. So far, it doesn't look like the remake will be adding anything but CGI.

I'd love for them to prove me wrong, but the trailer was cold, and seemed to be more about popcorn action than about character, tone, and relevant social commentary (the stuff that made the old one a great film -- not that its practical effects and stop-motion weren't astoundingly good).

I think they'd be better off not making this an origin story, but deal with an aging Robocop, facing a world that is even more under the thumb of corporations, dealing with newer models being rolled out which serve their creators more than the public good, as more and more cities fiscally and politically crumble like Detroit.