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Superman is kissing him gingerly on the head in the thumbnail image.

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I think it was an absolute mistake to make Brock Toxin. Anti-Venom was conceptually interesting. Making Brock a knock-off symbiote is just kind of sad.

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Damn it. I know they're expecting kids to see this and all, but I detest poor dubbing.

If your kid wants to see this, great. Give them an incentive to learn to speak a second language, or to read the one native to them.

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@soa said:

how is it i voted grand director and i see 0% by his name? did i fall in the vast minority by vote didn't count?

The numbers only come up to 97%. If less than 1% of people voted for a given character, it's listed as 0%. They only worked with full integers in displaying the results. So, yes. Grand Director got somewhere between 0 and 1 percent of the vote.

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Quicksilver looks awful.

So future Wolverine has his adamantium claws back now? They were stripped in The Wolverine, and the after credits sequence confirmed they stay that way when he is approached by Chuck and Magneto.

Also, young Xavier can walk again? Wonder how they'll explain this; I'm sure they will. It's not as if there weren't a bunch of plot holes in First Class and Origins. Hell, they had Chuck walking in the 70s/80s between the flashback in The Last Stand and his scene in Origins: Wolverine.

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This isn't actually Peter. Or, well. Maybe they'll reveal it is, but as of now it's presumed this is Doctor Octopus in Peter's body.

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I'd rather have a Sif show than Agents of SHIELD.

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So sad. I'm a Hank & Jan fan. Looks like they're getting shafted and washed out of the movie continuity.

Here's hoping they don't retcon them out of being founding Avengers and Pym out of creating Ultron in the comics.

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Got this figure clearanced for $5 a while back. She's pretty useless in terms of articulation-- particularly in the legs. From her lack of thigh cuts and ankle rockers making her hips and double knees useless, to her lack of torso articulation, limited arm ROM, trigger fingers with no weapons, and somewhat softly sculpted face, this figure just perplexes. I know DST deals with limitations, but it's engineered against its own interest.