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1. The Spectacular Spider-Man

2. Wolverine and the X-Men

3. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

4. Young Justice

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I have this cover as wall art.

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Or is DC just trying to make Kara Danvers a household name before Marvel brings Carol Danvers to movie screens in Captain Marvel?

Could potentially steal some thunder for a super-strong flying blonde with "alien origins" with a remarkably similar civilian name, at least with the same crowd still confused by how the Human Torch and Captain America are "the same guy." Heh.


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When I didn't know what actress the extra dark haired woman in the trailer was, I'd hoped it was Jane Foster. Just so she could be the major character Joss has teased will get "Jossed".

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Batman TAS

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Avengers: EMH

Wolverine and the X-Men

Young Justice

There's your top five animated comic shows to-date.

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@madeinbangladesh said:

I'm ready and I hope this movie breaks the box office. That will show DC.

Yeah. Fingers crossed.

"The world wasn't ready for a solo Wonder Woman film? Cool story. Here's a flick about a third-tier team (recent amping up aside) featuring a tree and a talking raccoon. Let's compare."

- What Marvel should nail to David S. Goyer's door

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@longbowhunter said:

@_atomikill_ said:

No Hooked on a Feeling in this one.

Dead to me.

I actually dread watching GotG trailers because of that damn song. I much prefer Cherry Bomb by the Runaways. Really dig the new trailer.

"Hooked on a Feeling" was perfect for the first trailer. Upbeat, catchy, unexpected. Set the tone for quirky, off-beat ragtag team for those who had no clue/no interest in GOTG. Made people remember and discuss that trailer, which didn't feature much plot.

While I love that song, I'll agree the "Cherry Bomb" is even more fantastic. Love me some Runaways. That kickass riff works very well for this slightly moodier, more action-based trailer.

I feel like the music selection being diegetically tied to what Peter would have/remember is brilliant.

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I didn't take it as a double entendre. Innuendo, maybe. Unless "tool" is in part meant to mean his penis. I personally took it as an "if they stripped you naked, you'd have tools tucked away in places they'd never think to look" type comment.

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Apparently the next poll:

What's a better film, Superman III or Batman: Mask of the Phantasm?

You see, because there's no comparison. And because Arrow sucks.

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No disrespect, but aren't most/all those feat examples from the N52? Not debating pre/post-52 distinctions-- just pointing out that the poll does specify pre-52 Slade, so these images would probably be apocryphal to the actual debate in progress. That's not to say pre-52 Slade couldn't handle these feats, of course. Just saying these may be outside the scope of the discussion at hand.

Deathstroke after a long fight. Deadpool is by no means a slouch in h2h (when he's actually trying and not being dumb) but Slade is among the best, also, given his SS serum, I'd put his physique above Deadpool's. DP's healing factor might catch Slade off guard at first, but as the fight goes on, he'll eventually take the kill.

Some feats (I would post more, but I'm in a hurry)

Durability: Tanking an explosion

Falling from great Height:

Him fighting Immortal Man who has a HF on par with Wade's: