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It's clearly tied to their cinematic decisions and restrictions.

It'd make no sense if they weren't mutants, though, given the events post-M-Day.

Quicksilver was depowered, and got wonky powers via the Terrigen Mists. Especially if he'd already been an inhuman, this just seems off.

If they want the twins to not be Magneto's kids, I don't know but there COULD be a decent story there. Making them not mutants seems forced at this point. But then, it's not like continuity following Magneto and company has ever been intelligible.

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Not to say it was all that great, but I'm surprised that Sin City: A Dame to Kill for wasn't in the running. It was certainly better than the RoboCop remake and Transformers 4, at the very least, and was based on a pretty well loved comic.

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@judasnixon said:

Bird-Man for all three........

This individual knows things. Good things. True things.

While Birdman isn't quite a comic film, neither are several of these nominees, and it's without contest the best film on or off the list.

"Bay" Ninja Turtles? The retched RoboCop remake? Transformers 4? Amazing Spider-Man 2? I mean, I'd expect these films to be nominees only for the Razzies.

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Oh, DC and Marvel, making yet another set of very similar plots at the same time.

I was somewhat pleasantly surprised not to Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns here. You know, as much as I'd like to see Dr. Manhattan square off against Red Son Superman. Clash of the alternate universe Cold War superpowers!

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1. The Spectacular Spider-Man

2. Wolverine and the X-Men

3. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

4. Young Justice

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I have this cover as wall art.

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Or is DC just trying to make Kara Danvers a household name before Marvel brings Carol Danvers to movie screens in Captain Marvel?

Could potentially steal some thunder for a super-strong flying blonde with "alien origins" with a remarkably similar civilian name, at least with the same crowd still confused by how the Human Torch and Captain America are "the same guy." Heh.


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When I didn't know what actress the extra dark haired woman in the trailer was, I'd hoped it was Jane Foster. Just so she could be the major character Joss has teased will get "Jossed".

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Batman TAS

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Avengers: EMH

Wolverine and the X-Men

Young Justice

There's your top five animated comic shows to-date.

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@madeinbangladesh said:

I'm ready and I hope this movie breaks the box office. That will show DC.

Yeah. Fingers crossed.

"The world wasn't ready for a solo Wonder Woman film? Cool story. Here's a flick about a third-tier team (recent amping up aside) featuring a tree and a talking raccoon. Let's compare."

- What Marvel should nail to David S. Goyer's door